Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning - Nail Polish Organization Ideas!

Finally, spring is here! I don't know about you, but my room can get super messy (I'm talking piles of clothes stacked on chairs, and a table that has only enough space for my laptop to sit - I kind of have this post apocalyptic look going on). I started off by reorganizing my nail polish collection. Now some of you may already seen this set up and you'll notice that I only change around the bottom shelf. However if you haven't seen this display yet, I really recommend it for those of you who are looking for ways to store their nail polish collection. I seen a few racks on Amazon for around $20, there are a lot of different set up options to choose from. 

The rest of the collection is tucked away in my drawer. I emptied out one of my drawers and lined them with a grip roll. I'm pretty sure you can find these rolls at Walmart or the dollar store. I personally like to organize my brand and then color, I know some other girls like to organize their polishes by color instead. Organize your polishes in whatever way is easiest for you to find the color you need. 

Note: You must lined the drawer, otherwise everything will just slide around everywhere!

Well I hope that helps! How do you girls organize your collection?


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