Monday, June 20, 2011

OPI: So Many Clowns...So Little Time

Direct Sunlight:



I have no idea what the name of this nail polish means. On another note, I really like this. I thought it would look strange on tanned hands but it turned out to be quite flattering. This made my nails look so much healthier haha.

I’m wearing 3 coats in these pictures. I didn’t have much a problem with streaks with this nail polish as I do with other sheer nail polishes. This also lasted quite long. I wore this for a week. Although I didn't get tipwear, it did start to "lift" up at the cuticles.

This is the only colour vee and I brought from the Femme Cirque I’m thinking we should have gotten more.



  1. Hmm, I am not so into this color I think. It is too milky and 'greyish'. I've had a color like this once and it made my nails look dirty after two days ;(. How does this one look like with 1 coat?

  2. Ning: Really? Milan and I both liked this color as a nude. ;o

    I remember 1 coat was too sheer... I on the other hand wactually wore 4 thin coats haha.

  3. As a nude :O. That makes me look at it on a different perspective ^^. I was thinking about my 'bad light pinks'. I like the 'shade picture' very much though ;D.

  4. Ning: Ooo no wonder, yea this is definately a nude, I think it's part of the soft shades release :)

  5. From this collection, I bought In the Spot-Light Pink (love it) and I juggle Men (yet untried), but now I am thinking I need So many little time. Pretty.

  6. Pretty: Thanks!

    Ning: Yeah, I definately recommend more than one coat because sheer can sometimes be streaky. Thanks though!

    For Me, It Works...: Oh goodie. Both sound really nice, I regret not getting more sheers :(. Thanks :)