Thursday, June 16, 2011

Essie: Wicked

Direct Sunlight:
Essie Wicked
(I like how vampy it looked in this picture...the reflection in my nails look like creepy castles hehe)
Essie Wicked swatch

chanel rouge noir dupe

chanel vamp dupe
JIMINY JILLICKERS. MY EYES ARE SOO HAPPY. It’s SOO glossy! Oh my, I think I might be drooling as I’m typing about this. How embarrassing.

I might even consider this a jelly. This is 2 coats, no top coat. I definitely recommend top coat with this colour (and every other vampy colour out there). You’ll know why when you realize you have red scratch marks on sheets of paper and on the walls, haha...true story. I plan to add another coat of top coat in a couple of days to revive the lustre. Application and everything was fine.

I brought this colour because I heard it was a dupe of Chanel’s Rouge Noir/Vamp. It looks pretty much the same as Rouge Noir, but Rouge Noir has more of a brown undertone. So I rather just have this and save myself some money and stress. Applying $30 nail polish stresses me out haha. I actually bumped my finger into something as Paradoxal was drying before. I didn’t even have the heart to re-do the finger, so I just put top-coat over it.



  1. I don't normally like dark,vampy colours on me, but it looks wonderful on you!

  2. I just bought this one from Trade Secret for $3.00. I understand the red scratch marks...LOL!!!

  3. Wow i love this color! It reminds me of 'Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ' from OPI ;D.

  4. OH. My. God. I just ordered this one. Amazon for $3.00. And I too get the scratch mark thing. Top coat. ALWAYS!

  5. mrsrexy: Aw shucks, thanks :D

    For Me, It Works...: Woah, that's a nice deal. I remember Vee and I brought this and essie matte polish for regular price. A week later, there it was at Winners on sale as a pair. u___u
    Haha, yeah. If it weren't for the scratch marks, I would wear this colour and other vampy colors more often.

    Ning: OoO, that's a nice colour as well!

    Maryfrances: Agreed. Hope you enjoy it!