Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OPI: Happy Anniversary over Got a Date To-Knight!

OPI Happy Anniversary over Got a Date To-Knight

Happy Anniversary over Got a Date To-Knight

OPI pink layering

I ended up wearing this color a wee bit longer by putting a little twist to it. As much as I was tempted to layer OPI’s Pearl of Wisdom I decided, hey why don’t I try Happy Anniversary (they sit beside each other on my rack).

So I layered 1 coat of Happy Anniversary and never looked back. I personally love it... the combination of the jelly polish and the micro shimmer gives it this “glass flecked” look. Quite pretty... so pretty that I think I need to buy more shimmery sheers next time I go polish shopping. It's a nice way to spice up any cremes or jellies you currently have. So if you girls have any recommendations, throw them my way!



  1. Is the name of this colour Happy Anniversary?
    Because I can't seem to find it anywhere.