Saturday, April 16, 2011

China Glaze: TMI

Direct Sunlight:
China Glaze TMI

Sunlight with Flash:
China Glaze Holographic

China Glaze OMG collection

China Glaze TMI swatch

Bottle Close-up
coral holographic


So sparkly. I mentioned a while ago that Milan and I came across a store that had a few bottles left. Of course we brought all the colors they had, lol!

This is 3 coats here. At first I was afraid I'd run into application troubles because apparently holos are known for bald spots? Well I don't know about that but the polish was very smooth and I didn't have and troubles at all. I guess all I can recommend is that you work relatively quick,if you work too slow then you might run into trouble.

Sigh. These holos are so pretty. I hope we find more soon. I need to get my hands on 2NITE. ahh.



  1. Its a lovely color!