Monday, April 18, 2011

Battle of the Top Coats!

5th Place:Seche Vite
Seche Vite Top Coat
Don't get me wrong, this polish dries at lightning speed BUT I have three major issues with it. First off, it contains toluene which is a carcinogen, and also the chemical is known to affect the developing fetus. I would not recommend regular use, and I would suggest staying away from it all together. (I only noticed it contained toluene after purchasing it… and I tried it a few times out of curiosity.) My second issue: shrinkage, ruins a perfectly good manicure. Third, it has the tendency to make your polish chip more quickly. Wait… make it 4 issues, it smells horrible too.

4th Place:
Konad Top Coat
I found this one a bit disappointing. It’s not as glossy as I would like, and drying time is just whatever. I don’t have much to say about this one because I haven’t used it too much.

3rd Place:
OPI top coat
Drying time is okay, if you work in thinner coats it’s much more decent. One thing I do like is the high-gloss shine it has once it’s dry. It works great with heavy glitter polishes, I’m not sure how to describe it but some glitter polishes look best when wet, and this top coat gives is that effect. Also works great with neon and matte polishes. I should make note that this polish thickens up pretty quickly, you’ll need to thin it regularly, especially once you pass the half way point.

2nd Place:
Revlon top coat
I quite like this one… I actually used up the whole bottle. The formula is much thinner than other top coats making it very easy to apply without the brush drying out. It also delivers a decent amount of shine to polishes that are already glossy, I wouldn’t recommend it over neon or other matte/satin polishes because the overall look isn’t as glossy say if you were to apply OPI’s top coat over it. Overall, very happy with this one I will buy again.

1st place: Dazzle Dry

My favourite by far… this one really surprised me and knocked my expectations out of the park. So many things I like about this top coat. First, it dries super fast, like Seche Vite fast! Second, very glossy; third, doesn’t have a smell to it. Definitely my go-to top coat! I don’t think I’ve seen this being sold in Canada, but I hope to see this top coat more widely available. It’s seriously great.



  1. $12.50 for 0.5 oz? Really? Is it really worth that?

  2. Megan: Sorry which one are you refering to? lol

  3. Megan: Okay I googled Dazzle Dry quickly, so I'll assume its that one :)

    I say 12.50 would be a pretty fair price, considering that it delivers. If you're in a rush, this polish will dry quickly enough to run out the house. OPI costs around the same amount, and it doesn't dry nearly as fast.

  4. What a helpful post! I'm using SV, and I do agree with the issues of the polish. I haven't found one to rival it though, as I hate waiting for polish to dry (watching paint dry and all that)

  5. Seche Vite is actually my favorite topcoat...from what I've read, there's not enough toluene in it to give anyone anything.

    But Poshe is a really good alternative for people who don't like SV....have you tried it?

  6. I like this post very much! Thank you ;D.

    Unfortunately we don't have Dazzle Dry in the stores over here. And you are right about OPI. My fave next to OPI is Herôme ;D. But you didn't have that brand did you?..

  7. The Nail Buff: I know what you mean although I don't always use top coat. I find it helps to work in thinner coats - they dry much faster :)

    ChaosButterfly: Hmm I haven't tried Poshe, I don't think I've seen it in stores, although I think I've seen it online.

    With Seche Vite, the fact it has toluene makes me pretty uncomfortable. Especially the fact that other polishes have taken that substance out. Not to mention top coat is generally used frequently so chronic exposure can't be good for us... lol.

    Ning: Nooo we don't have that here :( Although, I don't use top coat everytime I polish my nails. Only if they look dull... or I end up getting sheet marks the next morning. lol

  8. sooo glad i found this post, seche vite is my favorite but any amount of toluene scares me! thanks for the post!