Saturday, March 26, 2011


Coming May, we're considering selling nail polish to our lovely readers. We know that these brands can be pretty costly at approximately 12-13 dollars a pop. So we figured we can help.

Right now we're considering Canada and the US, we'll poke around to see what is the cheapest way to ship. (We'll consider international once we find out what the prices are, we just don't want anyone to pay too much for shipping since the idea is to be able to save some money)

Brands we have access to:
• China Glaze (We’re very likely to be able to find colors from older collections such as “Up and Away” and “Poolside”)
• Essie
• Color Club (limited)
• Nail Tek foundation
• Seche Vite

Proposed prices: Everything will be sold for $8USD dollars flat (except China Glaze, which will be sold for $6.50USD) plus shipping and handling. Once we've decided to implement this you should be able to see the colors available under the "Nail Polish Sale" tab.

Stay tuned! We will post updates. :)

In the mean while please feel free to comment below certain colors you want/interested in. All other questions/comments welcomed.

-milan and vanaily

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  1. Great! Can't wait to see what will be available.