Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nicole By OPI: Coral Denominator

Justin Bieber's: One Less Lonely Girl part 3.

Direct Sunlight:
Nicole by OPI coral denominator

Coral Denominator Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Nailpolish

Justin Bieber Coral Denominator

Off the bat this color reminded me of two colors from Zoya's Reverie Spring 2010 Collection. Coral Denominator is a happy medium between Reece and Happi, except with bigger shimmer particles. It's a warm medium toned pink with golden shimmer to it. This is perfect for all you girls with a warm undertone. (I'm a neutral undertone if any of you were wondering, lol)

I'm wearing about 3-4 coats in these pictures. You can stop at 3 coats but in well lighted areas you'll be able to see some VNL, but if that bothers you go for the 4th coat. The drying time is excellent. I find that a lot of shimmer/glitter polishes have the tendency to dry pretty quick.

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From L-R: Studio Mama, Coral Denominator, Fuchsia Wife, Canadian Star, My Favorite Gold, I Pink I Love Him, Top of my World, Somebody Teal love

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  1. I really like this color ^^.

  2. holy crap this is the first nicole that i NEED in a long freaking while!

  3. Ning: Of course, it's pink!

    As much as pink may be "played out" I'm always going to be attracted to that color. kekeke

    Kelliegonzo: That is quite serious then ;) Lately I haven't felt like I need any colors... other than holographics.

    ...and perhaps that Pirates of the Carribean collection. LOL. :(

  4. Hahahha, yes it izzzz (H).

    I know what you need: Too Hot Pink To Hold-Em ;). From the Texas Collection, mwuhuhu. Or have I mentioned this one before?.. I want it so bad, but it is quite expensive over here ><. One bottle of OPI costs €13,95! That is about 20 dollars :@. Not that I cannot afford it, but I want to be sure I want this one first (which I do now) and then I still wait for some kind of reason =P. Maybe because sometimes they are 15-25% off in Sephora ^^. But that is not so often..

  5. Oh correction, I meant Guy Meets Gal-Veston ^^. I just bought this color today! It was 20% off!! Hihi, I knew it would be worth waiting for =D!

    I have it on my toes right now and I am IN LOVEEEE! You really need to get this one! It is a pink-red jelly color ;D. I haven't seen it in sunlight, because it is 4AM at this moment and I have just painted my toes an hour ago =P.

    And by the way, I bought Too Hot Pink To Hold-Em too ^^. I will let you know how it looks like, hihi.