Friday, March 18, 2011

My Pick for St.Pattys

Claire's: earthy/happy

earthy/happy mood changing polish

claires happy/earthy

mood changing polish

I'm not sure why I said it as if I even went out on St. Patrick's day. :( I actually ended up staying home to rest since it was my day off from school. My brain needed to reboot. haha.

I did find time to pick out a green though! This color is from Claire's, one of their mood changing polishes. If my nails were longer it would fade from light green to a kelly green at the tips. I did a bit over 3 coats here, which isn't a problem at all because the coats dry super fast. Once you reach the desired coverage, I highly recommend putting on top coat because it dries matte. Quite pretty, I must say.

*this was sent for review


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