Monday, March 7, 2011

Layering Heaven!

OPI's Hey get in the Lime! & Pearl of Wisdom

Direct Sunlight:


I had this love/hate relationship with this green. I was really excited when I found it a while back because I knew it was discontinued.

Overall the formula runs on the sheer side but it isn't thick, so 4 coats wasn't too bad. As for the color, it's nice but it didn't do anything for my skin.

Now with Pearl of Wisdom, it has this duo-iridiscent quality to it. It shimmers pink or green depending on the angle, but since it's over green you only see the silver & pink. So far this is my favorite laying combo. This gives me real incentive to continue experimenting :D

Can you believe it, I'm getting a little bored of cremes... need to spice up my polish.

I should go out and buy some sheers. lol



  1. I the way you did this ;D. And I think it does something for your skin ^^.