Monday, February 14, 2011

OPI: Lincoln Park after Midnight

OPI Lincoln park after midnight

OPI Lincoln park after midnight swatch


With Flash:
Lincoln park after midnight

I remember the first time I saw this, I was like OMG I must have it because apparently according to OPI’s pamphlet its “limited availability” (I know what a reason...). M actually ended up buying for me, I can’t remember if she had a reason for buying it for me. Probably saw that I’ve gone mad (This is when the polish addiction started, lol)

This is such a pretty color. I admit the first time I wore it; I didn’t really appreciate it that much. Plus my nails looked different back then. But now, it’s just so pretty! I’m wearing 3 coats in this picture. The subtleness of the shimmer is what I really like about it. I prefer this over Lincoln Park after Dark, probably because LPAD looks black in most lighting.

Now I want more colors that are similar to it, so if you girls have any suggestions, throw them my way!

Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Valentine's day :)



  1. Rimmel's Purple Rain! IT's more of a jelly though.
    It's amazing!

  2. Jeanie: Speaking of purple rain, I've been curious about checking out NARS'. But I don't really want to spend that much on a polish now. lol

  3. I love the picture in the sun! ;D

  4. That colour is gorgeous! You could check out OPI's Black Cherry Chutney... It's sort of similar, purple/red, I love it :)