Thursday, February 10, 2011

OPI: Lincoln Park after Dark

OPI Lincoln Park after Dark

Lincoln Park after Dark swatch

I actually envisioned this color differently in my mind. I didn’t think it would some out so... black? I guess I was picturing “We’ll always have Paris” but a few shades darker.

I’m wearing 3 coats here to get maximum coverage; you could stop at 2 if you like.

In most lighting this color looks annoyingly black; I’m not sure what’s the craze about over this color.



  1. I've heard a lot of hype about it too... It looks black to me, I guess I'll just stick to black?

  2. Jeanie: I do like Lincoln Park after Midnight though! But this... yea, save your money LOL

  3. I really want Lincoln Park after Midnight.
    This one...I also do not get the hype. :/
    Looks pretty on you though! ^_^

  4. Hahahaha, you are so funny =P 'save your money', hahaha!

    By the way, what happened with the post of I'm Indi-A Mood For Love ;(. I LOVE THAT COLOR!

  5. ChaosButterfly: Who knows... maybe it's the name? for the fact a while ago black was very in?

    Ning: LOL, hey... sometimes we dream the color will be different.

    Also, we have the swatches for India mood for love, m hasn't uploaded her review yet. I'll give her a reminder now. haha

  6. Oh that is weird, because I see a 'post' about that color, but I cannot view it.