Friday, February 25, 2011

Icing: Glamorous

Icing Glamorous swatch

Icing Glamourous swatch

Claire's Icing glamorous swatch

I would like this color a lot more if it came out more opaque. This will probably look a lot nicer on top of a black base or maybe even silver. I'll try it out next time and update this review for you girls :)

I'm wearing about 5 coats in these pictures, but 5 doesn't give me full coverage :( I'm thinking layering is the way to go.

*This was sent for review


  1. I have this color!

    It's as close as holo that I've found locally, but it needs SO MANY COATS! I wish it was thicker and the glitter finer, but It's a pretty polish!

  2. I just picked this up @ Icing yesterday. I was drawn to it's amazing glitterness. I have it on right now over a silver polish & it is pretty much the best polish ever. Scattered holo. And it only took me 2 coats to get it to look this good. I bet it would look good on black as well and I can see myself using the whole bottle up, I should pick up another.