Saturday, February 5, 2011

OPI: Strawberry Margarita

OPI Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry Margarita Swatch

opi strawberry margarita swatch

A lovely classic hot pink. This has a semi-jelly finish to it, but I remember it was leaning more towards the creme side. I decided to do a re-post of this because my swatches before were not up to par.

This color is part of OPI's classic, permanent line. I mean I can see why, it's bold, pink and perfect for the summer time! haha. Although I do wish they made more of their colors part of the classic lines. I mean, sometimes we change our minds about a color and it's too late :(

I did 2 coats in these pictures. Flawless application. It's rare that OPI would disappoint me.

Note: Essie's Status Symbol is an exact dupe of this color. So if you own either one, theres no need to own the other one. They are exactly the same. You can see the comparision here.



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE!! But I cannot find it anywhere ;(. I have been looking for this one for months ;(!!

    By the way, I have not stop following you two girls! I am just very busy at the moment ;(. I am glad you two keep up the good work, so I can enjoy your beautiful swatches when I have a break like now ;D!

  2. Ning: Whattttt!? I thought this one would be easy to find because it's a classic. If you have access to essie, status symbol is the same!

    Oh and we know what you mean about busy. School does that. Sometimes I myself, don't get enough sleep because I'm too buys stressing myself out. :(

    Oh I can't wait until my summer break!

  3. Oh you are SO right!! It iss school!! And I have exactly the same problem ;'(. Sometimes I feel that I don't even have the time to shower -____-", but I do - don't worry, ahahahaha!

  4. Oh and I don't know either why I cannot find this color anywere =S. We don't have Essie in the NL ;(. I think I am going to ask my niece in Taipei to buy it for me, haahahah ^^. Her mother/my aunt is sending stuff (legal stuff, like books or something, ahahah =P) to my mother anyway ^^. And OPI is more than 50% cheaper over there!

  5. word. LOL!!!!!!

    Omg, sometimes I skip washing my hair and I go out in a bun. HAHAHAHAHA. horrible. Shame on us.

  6. Don't ask about the "word" my sister and I like to use gangster lingo jokingly with each other. haha.

  7. A bun doesn't suit me ;(. And with my hair it is very visible when it is not clean ><. Besides that I seriously cannot stand it when my hair is dirty =P. I cannot even sleep, ahahahah ^^.

    Word.. haahhaahah, you mean Weird? =P *I won't ask* ahahahah!

  8. Ooo, my hair is okay skipping one day of wash. Only time I skip is exam time. LOL.

    As for "word":


  9. Hahahahaha, lol!

    And Oh, I do skip 1 day in cold days. But in the summer I need to wash my hair at least once a day =P.