Thursday, January 6, 2011

OPI: Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

This was a dream to apply, so smooth and flawless.

Now I apologize that I only have 1 picture. Bad Vana, I know! It’s just that when I was wearing this color I had a cold, it was exam time, and there was no sun out! But yea, I know I don’t like excuses so I promise when I wear this color again I will add a sunlight and outdoor photo. (You’ll see that from time to time I like to repost certain colors.)

But yea, there’s not much more to say, this is one of OPI’s classic colors. If you don’t have a deep red in your collection, this is a good place to start :)


  1. Is it a creme or is there a subtle shimmer? Either way, it's such a pretty color.

  2. Super pretty. Makes me want to eat cherries

  3. Megan: It's a creme :) I can see how it would look like it had some shimmer to it by these pictures. hehe

    Ash-Lilly: Thanks! I do like it :D

    Reeree: LOL! Reminds me that I haven't ate any cherries in a while. My favorite ones is that white pinkish one. lol

  4. This color looks delicious! I'm not one to wear red, but I'd definitely try this color.