Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Justin Bieber

Original + Expanded Collection:

Looks like Justin Bieber decided to add more to his line with 8 new colors. Naturally I'm drawn to My Lifesaver, "Baby" blue, One Time Lime, and I'm a Beliber. I'm surprised to see so many purples in this collection! There are 5 different shades in this collection alone. I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with the colors that came out of his line... I wonder if I'll be able to see them instore before all the younger girls beat me to it. lol!

You can expect to see these new colors joining the existing collection very soon. I know here in Canada his collection is out at Shopper Drug Mart and Walmart.

What do you girls think of the collection? Any of them screaming your name?



  1. I think he has so many purples because he claims that's his favorite color lol. I may be getting a few of these, need to see in person though

  2. I actually don't mind Justin Bieber's song, "Baby"... is that wrong? lol
    Purple is my favorite color though, I might go check them out.

  3. I have GOT to get The Beat of My Heart for my Valentine's Day Marathon Manicure!!!!

  4. I saw this on the Nicole site and laughed so hard t "I'm a Belieber"

  5. I would get One Less Lonely Glitter if it wasn't named that... I'm not a fan of his...

  6. Nail Designs: Ahhh I see, I think I vaguely remember him in a purple sweater! Haha

    Julianne: I actually don’t mind his songs at all. I mean, the kid is pretty charming. Plus I think he sends a good message to other boys... you know “one girl” etc. Lol

    Kimberly: Oh yea, that’s a nice one. I have another one from them, the one with light pink hearts. : )

    JadedLights: LOL! Yea that’s the name that stood out to me too. Oh people, so creative.

    Jeanelle: I’m indifferent about him. Although I find him charming, in this cute, child-like way. Oh and I’ll be posting that color soon. Maybe you’ll feel different ;)