Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Essie for Walmart?!?!

Essie for Walmart

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? After reading a post on Polish or Perish about Essie expanding into Wal-mart I quickly went online to go look.

To sum up what kittytokaren said, basically Essie now has two lines. The salon line (The original line) and the retail line. The salon line will stay as-is, and with the retail line, so far from what I can see there are only slight changes to the bottle. Check out PoP's blog to see the comparison.

Right now I'm unsure if the collection is available at Canadian locations, but if you check on the website, Wal-mart provides a "Store Availability" section. Some colors are only sold online but it looks like they added quite the large collection to Wal-mart. The new polishes retail for $7.75 USD.

Oh I hope it's in Canada too!!! :(
Has anyone come across the new line yet? What are your thoughts, is the formula up to par with the salon line?



  1. I'm interested to see if we get it here too! I'd think so, but it might just take awhile....Canada always seems to lag behind the US in nail polish!

    Part of me is excited to see essie more widely available, but on the other hand, walmart polish displays are always so messy, will be a shame to see essie in the chaos!

  2. Jessica: I know! So frustrating sometimes that we are behind the US!

    And I totally agree, nice to see essie more often. But funny thing, the retail line is still pretty pricey, I wonder if the quality is even the same. I'd only buy if I come across an exclusive color. haha.

  3. I just saw a display last night at my Walmart in Arkansas. Polishes are $7.50 each and it looked like there were lots of colors.