Sunday, January 30, 2011

Few New Colors

Just sharing a few colors I grabbed last weekend. I was hoping they had the new China Glaze Collection out, but they didn't. Plus I was looking for holos and I had no such luck other than "My Private Jet" which I brought for M.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

piCture pOlish: Camo

picture polish camouflage green nail polish

picture polish camo swatch

picture polish dusty green nail polish
I think it would make a good alternative to Chanel’s Khaki Vert (I don’t imagine I will be forking up $30 for any nail polish in the near future). I will post a direct sunlight photo in the future. The sun is non-existent in this weather. :T

Blehhhhh...I had a pretty hard time applying this. The brush is so darn flimsy and it picks up a lot of polish, gah. I had a hard time trying to pick up the perfect amount of nail polish on the brush. When I didn’t have enough nail polish on her brush, the flimsy brush would lift up or something at the tip of the nail. Oh well, I got this in 2 coats. The polish itself is nice. Also, the polish only has a light smell to it!

I’m not exactly sure how this colour looks on my skin....but it’s quite sophisticated looking, haha. I really like the colour, but I don’t think the colour likes me. =(


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Justin Bieber

Original + Expanded Collection:

Looks like Justin Bieber decided to add more to his line with 8 new colors. Naturally I'm drawn to My Lifesaver, "Baby" blue, One Time Lime, and I'm a Beliber. I'm surprised to see so many purples in this collection! There are 5 different shades in this collection alone. I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with the colors that came out of his line... I wonder if I'll be able to see them instore before all the younger girls beat me to it. lol!

You can expect to see these new colors joining the existing collection very soon. I know here in Canada his collection is out at Shopper Drug Mart and Walmart.

What do you girls think of the collection? Any of them screaming your name?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Nicole by OPI: Prized Possession Purple

Justin Bieber's Prize Possession Purple:
Nicole by OPI Prized Possession Purple

Prized Possession Purple swatch

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber nail polish

This one is quite a beauty. Lately I've been warming up to shimmers, and holographics. Might be due to the fact that I have so many cremes now, and I need to spice things up. lol!

I must admit, the thought of Justin Beiber making nail polish doesn't seem to connect well. But I could imagine all these 16 year old girls going nuts. But I've seen the whole collection and I must say, not bad Bieber.

The Review:
First I would like to note that Nicole has a new wider brush to it! I'll remember to snap a quick picture when I try the other color and try to compare the brush with OPI's pro-wide.

From afar it looks like a purple chrome, but if you take a closer look it has a combination of red and blue micro-shimmer which can give the polish an iridescent-like quality.

As for the formula I thought it was a little bit on the sheer side, but it builds up pretty quick. In the end I wore 3 coats in these pictures which is perfectly fine with me. The wear on this is quite decent, I wore it for 4 days without topcoat and only had minor tip wear.

On a funny note, I was out polish shopping this weekend and this lady asked me about my nail polish. Of course I responded "Oh this is from the Justin Bieber Collection", and I swear she gave me me this sceptical look as if I'm too old to have Bieber fever...LOL!

*This was sent for review

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sephora by OPI: Metro Chic (Sister Duo)

Direct Sunlight:
Sephora by OPI Metro Chic

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic Swatch

Below Deck dupe

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic review

This is such an appropriate time to show up a old favorite. Not to long ago everyone was NUTS about this color.

So far from the promotional pictures of China Glaze's Anchors Away collection, it looks very similar to "Below Deck". AllYouDesire did a nice post on the collection. It's a very nice color (Metro Chic & Below Deck), I'm really debating if it's worth it for me to get this one because it's so similar. I do like Life Preserver and Sea Spray.

Okay back the Metro Chic. As much as I adore this color, but I'm not sure if it's just my batch but mine runs a bit on the sheer side. I'm wearing 4 coats here.


Direct Sunlight:
sephora by opi metro chic swatch

sephora by opi taupe

Indoors Hand:
sephora by opi mushroom taupe

I like this more than OPI’s You Don't know Jacques! I usually get tip-wear within one day of wearing You Don't know Jacques! This mani lasted for 7 days without significant tip-wear! There’s a slight hint of purple that is more noticeable in this colour.

I’m wearing 4 coats and top coat in these pictures. I could’ve stopped at 3 or maybe even 2 coats but it was still see-through when I held my hands up to the light. Other than that, there were no application troubles.

This is such a nice mushroom taupe... Gosh, I love taupes.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Deborah Lippmann: Waking Up in Vegas

Lady Gaga Vanity Fair

Deborah Lippmann Waking Up in Vegas Swatch

The Lippmann Collection Waking Up in Vegas

I decided to do a repost, since the first swatches I had up were not that good.

Initial Review:To be honest, I'm not sure if I like it that much. I mean, it's okay. I don’t know if it`s just me but sometimes when I apply a color that I`m not too crazy about, I tend to go into denial and force myself to like it. LOL!

Another thing I noticed is that the polish dries matte, and the color is more cool toned when dried. I actually prefer the color it looks when it's wet and freshly applied.

Overall, I find the polish applied very smoothly but I wasn`t crazy about the thin brush. The bottle also had an interesting smell, it's a bit different than other polish – I like the smell… lol. I used…uh - 2 or 3 coats in these pictures with top coat.

Now: The reason why I decided to try it again and give it a second chance was because Lady Gaga wore it on the cover of Vanity Fair. Now that I look at it, I think the color is okay. Okay, being the word. It's cool, and neutral... suitable for work. I'm still not that crazy about it. But I paid 22 dollars for it so... I'm going to force myself to love it. haha.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Piggy Polish: Better off Red

Direct Sunlight:
Piggy Polish Better off Red

Piggy Polish better off red swatch


Glossy ain't it?

This is another nice red color, it has very similar attributes that I like about NARS hunger. Yes, the fact it has a touch of yellow which makes it more... tomato red. Orange tends to be a very flattering color on me!

This is 3 coats, I took this one lucky day when there was sun out. Formula was excellent (reds are good like that).

Oh, I should mention that it's super vibrant. It's not neon but it almost glows, especially in dimmer lighting. Take a look at that "hand" photo. lol

*This was sent for review

Monday, January 10, 2011

piCture pOlish: Wisteria

piCture pOlish Wisteria swatch


piCture pOlish Wisteria swatch

This one is a beauty! Another love, looks like I’ve been finding a lot of great things recently! Not that I’m complaining.

But seriously, this is lovely purple. I would describe it as an electric lilac, it’s different than any other purple I own. It has that Je ne sais quoi. It’s vibrant, and it has this jelly-like consistency to it, and ahh it’s gorgeous. These pictures actually don’t justify the color in real life, sigh, it happens to all the prettier things in life. Clearly some beauties are impossible for a camera to capture. Haha.

You can get away with 2 coats, but I’d go with 3 anyway. The drying time is very decent, can’t complain there either. As I mentioned with picture polish the brushes are on the softer side, so you may want to wipe off more excess polish than you usually would before applying.

*This was sent for review


Thursday, January 6, 2011

OPI: Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

This was a dream to apply, so smooth and flawless.

Now I apologize that I only have 1 picture. Bad Vana, I know! It’s just that when I was wearing this color I had a cold, it was exam time, and there was no sun out! But yea, I know I don’t like excuses so I promise when I wear this color again I will add a sunlight and outdoor photo. (You’ll see that from time to time I like to repost certain colors.)

But yea, there’s not much more to say, this is one of OPI’s classic colors. If you don’t have a deep red in your collection, this is a good place to start :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Essie for Walmart?!?!

Essie for Walmart

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? After reading a post on Polish or Perish about Essie expanding into Wal-mart I quickly went online to go look.

To sum up what kittytokaren said, basically Essie now has two lines. The salon line (The original line) and the retail line. The salon line will stay as-is, and with the retail line, so far from what I can see there are only slight changes to the bottle. Check out PoP's blog to see the comparison.

Right now I'm unsure if the collection is available at Canadian locations, but if you check on the website, Wal-mart provides a "Store Availability" section. Some colors are only sold online but it looks like they added quite the large collection to Wal-mart. The new polishes retail for $7.75 USD.

Oh I hope it's in Canada too!!! :(
Has anyone come across the new line yet? What are your thoughts, is the formula up to par with the salon line?


Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Love: EOS Sphere Lip balm

EOS Sphere lip balm review

Individual Package @ RW:
EOS sphere lip balm

EOS 3-Pack:
EOS 3 pack

The packaging alone sold me. It was love at first sight. I've been wanting these for a long time but shipping to Canada was kind of pricy. So of course when I found them at Shoppers Drug Mart I brought Sweet Mint because it was the only flavor they had. Then later that week RW restocked and I brought the 3 pack + honeydew for just under 25 dollars. (Compare to how much they go for in the States, we Canadians pay almost double).

Don't mind me, I'm going to continue to ramble, so if you like to skip to the review click here.

These cute sphere balms come in five six different flavors. Of course, I'm going to list it below...

-Summer Fruit
-Honeysuckle Honeydew
-Lemon Drop SPF 15
-Sweet Mint
-Medicated Tangerine
-Pomegranate Raspberry - limited edition

So now I'm sitting here with my 3 pack, plus sweet mint and honeydew for my mom & sister. Of course, being the crazy person that I am... I wanted more! My daddy offered to help me get these in the States because his Co-workers fly in every week from the States. So I wrote out all the flavors I wanted. (Pretty much every flavor except Medicated Tangerine, one of my friends had it and she didn't like the smell too much). So in the end I ended up getting a total of four 3-packs, 2 lemons, 2 Summer fruit, 1 mint, and 3 honeydew. At least it works out to 10 for me, and 10 for my sister... that means I'm not that crazy... hahaha.

The Review:
I've been trying out Sweet Mint and Honeysuckle Honeydew, and I just smelt the rest of them, lol.

I find that these balms have a very good wear on them. It moisturizes without the heavy waxy feel to it, which I like. They stay on much longer than other lip treatments I've tried (Blistex & Aveeno).

When you first apply the balm, thats when the smell is most predominate, then as time passes you don't really smell anything. They also have a sweet taste to them! Sweet Mint taste and smell like mint candy canes, and as for for Honeysuckle Honeydew it has a very familiar smell that I can't put my finger on. Maybe Starburst candies? I'm not sure.

I should also note that they are 95% organic, 100% natural organic lip balm that’s petrolatum & paraben free.

You can buy these at their store online or you can use their store locator to find the closest locations.

For US girls: They go for $3.29 - 3.49 each, and $9.99 for the 3 pack
For Canadian girls: Shoppers sell them for $4.99 each, and RW & Co. Sell them for $6 each, or $16 for the 3 pack.