Monday, October 24, 2011

OPI: Merry Midnight

OPI Merry Midnight

OPI Merry Midnight swatch

Direct Sunlight:
merry midnight opi

merry midnight opi review

merry midnight opi holiday wishes
I know I’m about 2 years too late in swatching this. This is from OPI’s 2009 Holiday Wishes Winter collection.

We don’t have anything in our nail polish collection like this...a jelly dark plum with red flakies and blue round glitter?! Man, I need more flakies!!! :(

I’m wearing 4 coats in these pictures. I could’ve stopped at 3 coats though. This polish was super sheer in the first coat, but it builds up quickly. This dries pretty quickly too, so I have no problem with applying 4 coats.

If you girls have any recommendations of some nice nail polishes with flakies, I would love to hear it! (Preferably something I can get in Canada). :D


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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Give-a-way time!

Hello everybody!

My sister and I been so busy lately that we haven't got the chance to update our blog as much as we like. Right now we like to start up a giveaway to show our appreciation! Right now we're going to start off with a small giveaway that includes 4 China Glaze polishes and 1 nerdy pear made by yours truely. We are hoping to add more to this giveaway before it ends. Possibly more toys... depending on what you girls like. We will post updates when we make more additions to the giveaway!

See what we have so far:

Amigurumi Pears

How to enter:
+ You must be a follower via Google Friend Connect
+ Leave a comment below with your email address so we can contact you (you get 2 entries for this, since we have not came up with a finalize date yet)

Extra entries:
+ Blog/Youtube/Twitter about this giveaway (two entry for each)
+ Add us to your blogroll :)
+ Any mention of us anywhere will also count, wheither it is makeupalley or what not, just show us a link and we will count it!
+ Follow me on twitter

Stay tuned for more updates and goodies!

P.S: I will add the names of all the polishes once I get home. If I recall properly we have: Flip Flop Fantasy, Light as Air, Happy go Lucky... and I need to check the name of the black one lol.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Re-post - Chanel: Paradoxal

Direct Sunlight:
Chanel Paradoxal

Chanel Paradoxal swatch

Chanel Paradoxal review

Chanel Paradoxal sunlight


I wore this colour a few pictures ago and though it would be a good idea to update my swatches for this.

If you girls remember, I wore this in my first very first post! :3 This time around, it lasted more than a week with no signs of wear! No chips, tip-wear, nothing! If probably helped that I used the good ol’ “wrap technique”, haha...and for good measure, I also “wrapped” my nails with topcoat. I bet this would’ve lasted more than 7 days, but I wanted to change it.

You can find my full review of this by clicking here.

As much as I love this colour, I still can’t believe I spent $30 on this. Man, I must’ve been nuts.


Monday, July 11, 2011

piCture pOlish: Mudshake

Direct Sunlight:
piCture pOlish mudshake

picture polish mudshake swatch

picture polish taupe
At first glance, this colour reminded me of American Apparel’s Mouse . This colour is more of a grey though and has a slight hint of purple in it. I wouldn't say this colour reminds me of mud since it's more on the grey than brown side.

I believe this is also more opaque than Mouse . I’m wearing 2 coats and top coat in these pictures.

I didn’t have such an enjoyable time applying this one. The brush was on the flimsy side and the polish was somewhat thick. After the first coat, I had to add a few drops of thinner since it the application wasn’t smooth. I also had to redo a finger because I banged my hand on the table. u___u sigh. How ironic...because says "No mess! No fuss!" on the bottle, haha.

On the plus side, this polish lasted about a week. After 6 days I got 2 small chips but I still didn’t have any tip-wear because I used the “wrap technique”.

All in all, I think I like Mouse more. You can find my swatches and review of Mouse by clicking here. What do you girls think?


Monday, June 20, 2011

OPI: So Many Clowns...So Little Time

Direct Sunlight:



I have no idea what the name of this nail polish means. On another note, I really like this. I thought it would look strange on tanned hands but it turned out to be quite flattering. This made my nails look so much healthier haha.

I’m wearing 3 coats in these pictures. I didn’t have much a problem with streaks with this nail polish as I do with other sheer nail polishes. This also lasted quite long. I wore this for a week. Although I didn't get tipwear, it did start to "lift" up at the cuticles.

This is the only colour vee and I brought from the Femme Cirque I’m thinking we should have gotten more.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Essie: Wicked

Direct Sunlight:
Essie Wicked
(I like how vampy it looked in this picture...the reflection in my nails look like creepy castles hehe)
Essie Wicked swatch

chanel rouge noir dupe

chanel vamp dupe
JIMINY JILLICKERS. MY EYES ARE SOO HAPPY. It’s SOO glossy! Oh my, I think I might be drooling as I’m typing about this. How embarrassing.

I might even consider this a jelly. This is 2 coats, no top coat. I definitely recommend top coat with this colour (and every other vampy colour out there). You’ll know why when you realize you have red scratch marks on sheets of paper and on the walls, haha...true story. I plan to add another coat of top coat in a couple of days to revive the lustre. Application and everything was fine.

I brought this colour because I heard it was a dupe of Chanel’s Rouge Noir/Vamp. It looks pretty much the same as Rouge Noir, but Rouge Noir has more of a brown undertone. So I rather just have this and save myself some money and stress. Applying $30 nail polish stresses me out haha. I actually bumped my finger into something as Paradoxal was drying before. I didn’t even have the heart to re-do the finger, so I just put top-coat over it.


Monday, June 6, 2011

OPI: My Private Jet

Direct Sunlight:
OPI My Private Jet swatch

OPI My Private Jet

(this is an old photo, but it's the only picture I have that captured the duochrome.)

OPI holo


This is the new version of My Private Jet, but I like it. I don’t own a bottle of the original.
I’m wearing 3 coats in these pictures. I could’ve stopped at 2 though. This polish lasted pretty long for me...but I did have tipwear after a week of wearing it. Other than that, no chipping, cracking or anything else.

You can only catch the beauty of this polish is in sunlight or bright lights since that’s the only times you can only catch the duochome and everything. Like many other polishes, this doesn’t make me as happy in indoor lighting. This looks black with white flecks in most lighting, reminds me of a granite kitchen counter, haha. Yup, it’s one mighty fine kitchen counter...


Friday, May 27, 2011

Nubar: Gem

Direct Sunlight:Nubar GEM

Nubar holographic swatches

Nubar gem swatch

Holographic Taupe

Mousy holographic polish

Nubar Prism collection
Taupe? Check. Holographic? Check. Duochrome? Check.

What more can a girl ask for? Without a doubt, this is my favourite nail polish of all time. The problem I have with a lot of nail polishes is I only like them in the sunlight. This polish however still looks incredible indoors and the glitter flashes all the colours of the rainbow. The base colour flashes bronze and even a dusty mauve/pink.

The formula is quite sheer. I’m wearing 4 coats here. The nail line was still slightly visible at 3 coats and even with 4 coats, I can see through my nails when I hold it up to the light. But I don’t mind. This dries pretty fast too and it was easy to apply. The only downside to this polish is it isn’t very glossy. Eh, nothing top coat can’t fix!

I wore this colour for an entire week and there was only a bit of tip-wear by the end of the week. WIN.


Monday, May 23, 2011

China Glaze: LOL

Direct Sunlight:
China Glaze LOL swatch

China Glaze LOL

China Glaze LOL collection

China Glaze LOL collection swatches

chg lol
This is one of the few shades of purple I can actually pull off. This is a really nice dusty purple, no?

I’m wearing 3 coats in these pictures I believe. No application troubles here. Another bonus with this nail polish is it is super easy to remove...most nail polishes with glitter are a real pain for me to remove.

This is still really nice indoors too. If I remember correctly, I didn’t like QT that much indoors. But this one looks great in any lighting. I’m so glad I found this. I’ve been looking for this for quite some time, and after a few emails to stores I was successful in finding it. Well worth the wait. :D


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Barielle: Grape Escape

Direct Sunlight:
Barielle Grape Escape swatch



Off the bat this reminds of China’s Glaze Grape Pop, but I think it’s a little bit lighter. I’ll do some comparisons of the purple creams I have soon.

This is a really lovely color although it reminds me of the color of eggplants, not so much grapes... lol. I find that Barielle tends to have a nice opaque consistency to their polishes and I’m wearing 3 coats, I could have stopped at 2. I know these polishes are sold in the states, and their website doesn’t ship internationally but good news for Canadian girls, I know I’ve seen these polishes at Winners before. They usually carry a small selection of them in store. Only downfall is that the colors Winners have are usually from older collections so if you’re eyeing something new it might not be there. They usually come out with such a nice variety of colors; I know the little swatches on their website doesn’t really do the colors real justice. Hopefully Barielle decides to ship internationally in the near future.

*This was sent for review


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OPI: Happy Anniversary over Got a Date To-Knight!

OPI Happy Anniversary over Got a Date To-Knight

Happy Anniversary over Got a Date To-Knight

OPI pink layering

I ended up wearing this color a wee bit longer by putting a little twist to it. As much as I was tempted to layer OPI’s Pearl of Wisdom I decided, hey why don’t I try Happy Anniversary (they sit beside each other on my rack).

So I layered 1 coat of Happy Anniversary and never looked back. I personally love it... the combination of the jelly polish and the micro shimmer gives it this “glass flecked” look. Quite pretty... so pretty that I think I need to buy more shimmery sheers next time I go polish shopping. It's a nice way to spice up any cremes or jellies you currently have. So if you girls have any recommendations, throw them my way!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

OPI: Got a Date To-Knight!

Direct Sunlight:

Got a Date To-Knight! swatch

OPI Got a Date To-Knight

I’ve neglected this color for about a year after buying it. If I recall correctly I first fell for this color when I saw swatches of it on ilovenailpolish’s site. After taking this color home, I was never in the mood to try it out (might of had something to do with this idea that I might need more than 3 coats).

Lately I’ve been into soft shades and other nudes so I decided to give this color a go. I ended up liking this color; I think it’s very subtle and cute. I used around 3-4 coats in these pictures, drying time was okay. Overall nice color, very work appropriate :)