Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today I have Swirlydo’s SwirliDos Neutural-Brown colored hair ties. I got these sent for review and I have to admit the first time I saw these I was thinking "what on earth is this? Is this made of telephone cord???" But I was open-minded and gave it a try as soon as I received it on the mail.

I must say, these hair ties works wonders! How, might you ask? Oh, let me tell you. First of all these things holds firmly without all the pressure and it keeps in place longer than a regular hair tie. Now I usually use the Ouchless hair ties, you know those black ones without the metal piece?

I usually tie my hair up only when I’m at home. Mainly because I like my hair better down, plus when I’m at home I want my hair out of my face. Another reason why I don’t tie it when I’m out is because a regular hair tie leaves that pony line behind. And guess what; because of the nature of these ties... it doesn’t leave that harsh bend in your hair when you take the tie out. Even says so on the package! Hahahaha.

When I do tie my hair up, it’s always up in a bun. I don’t know why, I just prefer it like that. The key to getting these ties firmly into your hair is by making the first round tight, and just wrap the 2nd round loosely. I doubt you can triple tie if you’re doing a bun.

And lastly, these are great for exam time! Yea, because I’m not sure if you girls are like me but when it gets down the business I have my pens, pencils, calculators, erasers, student id, and alarm clock ready to go. Yes, I said calculators... I usually carry 3 of them on me: 1 scientific, 1 financial, 1 graphing (which does all the functions that the scientific and financial calculator does) LOL! But hey, what if something goes wrong with one of my calculators!... Sorry I got distracted, I was actually going to say – when it comes down to writing an exam, I usually like to tie my hair up. Last thing I need is to move my hair out of my face.

You can purchase these online at facial work’s website for$9.99 for a package of 8 hair ties, right now they are on sale for $6.99, although I’m not too sure how long the sale is running for. It’s a pretty good price considering those Ouchless hair ties are not much cheaper.

*These were sent for review



  1. I have those, they are very practical =) I have them in different colors, though... I have big hair, and my swirlies are a bit thinner than yours, and they can't hold my updo very well. I'm going to find some thicker ones, like telephone cords =) They work better for bigger hair!

    1. They make bigger ones. You can buy them online. I've seen them on Amazon and they come in a variety of colors!

  2. my hair is pretty long right now and i don't know what he winter weather is doing to them, but my hair gets super tangly! is the hair tie easily removed from your hair without any tangles or yanking? lol

  3. Trincess: I know, who would of thought! These are a pretty good size for my hair, good ol' telephone cords. lol

    Danielle: Ah yea, I know what you mean. My hair is pretty long too. I find that these hold up better than a reg hair tie, without the pull & yea it's easy to take out of your hair! Probably because it's plastic lol

  4. Hahaha, love your review! I want to try them ;D!

  5. Ning: haha thanks! Yea they hold up hair pretty good. Milan and I are in wow.