Tuesday, December 28, 2010

piCture pOlish: Sky

piCture pOlish sky swatch

piCture pOlish sky review

piCture pOlish Sky swatch

Hello girlies!

Today I have an Australian nail polish brand called piCture pOlish. It's always so exciting for me to discover new-to-me brands. I must give it to these girls, the bottle design is so cute, I love how each label is unique.

The first color I have today is Sky. I've been searching far and wide for a pastel blue. I think it started with Illamasqua's Caress, then $OPI Havana Dreams (which I missed out on), and Chanel's newest color, Riva. I'm just not in a $30 dollar per polish mood.

I'm pretty happy with this color, it's a nice starchy pastel blue. It's a nice color for spring. I'm wearing 3 coats in these pictures. The color on this was a wee bit streaky, probably because of it's pastel nature. But other than that the color was quite opaque with normal drying time. I also found the brush on this one a little bit filmsy, it's not impossible to work with but you do have to be careful that you're not picking up too much polish; just work slowly and it's fine.

Can anyone take a guess on which 3 colors I picked and which 3 Milan picked? haha!

*This was sent for review


  1. So soft and calming. Love it. That is such a sweet collection :)

  2. This one looks a little bit like OPI's Cattitude ^^. I like it!

    And I take a guess, hehe. You chose Coral Reef (for sure =P), and this one - Sky - apparently? haahahah! And euhm.. This is so hard =P.. My first intuition said Wisteria, but then I thought again and I've never seen you wore a bright purple like this. So I'd go for Mud Shake ^^. Or maybe for the same reason you chose Wisteria.. Hahaahhaa! Owww ><. I want to guess the right ones =P.

    Tell me tell me, I cannot wait =P.

  3. Ning: LOL!!!!! Oh we are quite impressed! And you're totally right, I picked coral reef, sky and wisteria.

    It's such a pretty purple!!! I don't have anything like it.

    and of course, Milan chose all the neutral colors. hahaha.

  4. Hahahahahaha!! This is so funny =P. YAYYYY, hahahaah!!