Friday, December 10, 2010

OCC: Blackboard

Direct Sunlight:
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics blackboard

OCC blackboard swatch

OCC polish in blackboard

It really does look like the color of a blackboard! Well the green "black"boards. lol. I'm not sure if chalky black would have the same affect, haha.

But look how shiny this polish is!! Do you see that sunlight pic?! It's as if I added special effects with the stars. hahaha. When I told my sister about it, she was thinking it'll look like some sort of jelly, and I send her over the picture and she was like "holy sh-- thats so shiny."

I went with 2 coats in these pictures. So far I've find OCC polishes very opaque, and you get a good coverage. The only thing I'd prefer is that if the brushes were a bit stiffer. It's a little odd to work with since the brush is softer than what I usually deal with. Nothing impossible, just work slow, and make sure you're not carrying too much excess on the bristols and you'll be fine and dandy. haha.

*These were sent for review



  1. this is a beautiful color indeed

  2. This is pretty, kinda reminds me of Zulu?

  3. Jeanelle: I think this is much more lighter than Zulu. Zulu is more of a blacken green jelly, where as this is like a blackboard LOL