Monday, December 20, 2010

Hearts and Jewels

jewel mani

Nail art with stickers

Hello! Today I have some simple nail art to show you. I used a pale pastel blue from piCture pOlish (Review coming soon). On each nail I added 3 little white hearts at the base of my nails, the hearts I used are from the blogger sample package from Viva la Nails. In this package they had white and black heart chains, so I just cut them up to separate them for each nail. (I added the picture below - it was a bit difficult to capture on my camera)

Then for the ring finger I added a small flat back pearl, and two white jewels. As for the thumb I decided to randomly add 5 different jewels, I stuck with white jewels but added 1-2 small colored gems just to make it cuter.

I'm just a little disappointed you can't see the hearts better, I should have saved them for a darker base color. But overall it's a cute subtle design and very easy to do! Just remember to seal everything in with top coat!

Hope you girls like it!

Nail art with jewels

Note: Last night I was organizing the labels on our blog and now for your convenience you can view all nail art by difficulty level from simple, intermediate, and challenge. :) lol



  1. What a cute design! I really like it :) Super wearable and feminine