Sunday, December 19, 2010

Festive Holiday Nails

Hello everyone! Today my sister and I will be reviewing one of the items sent to us by Jessica from Born Pretty. Born pretty offers a wide range of nail art products and they are one of the top rated sellers on ebay.

The first item we have today is the Christmas decals!

Snowman and House:
Holiday Nails

Santa nail

vee: For my base I decided to paint my index, middle and pinky with China Glaze’s High Hopes, and as for my thumb and ring I applied a few layers of ChG’s White on White. I feel like the white base complimented the decals really well.

I like how my design came out, the Santa is so cute and fat. Hehe.


Wreath and Stars:
Christmas nail art

Penguin and Tree:
holiday nail art

Wreath and Stars Hand:
Christmas water decals

m: I used one coat of A Beautiful Life's Noir and one coat of Sally Hansen's Midnight in NY. Since the water decals are slightly transparent, it's probably best to use these nail decals over light coloured nail polishes to keep the colours as pure as possible.

These water decals were pretty easy to use. I just removed the plastic covering, threw the design in a bowl of water to soak for a few seconds, peeled the design off, and applied the design onto my nails using tweezers. I didn't apply one of them perfectly, but the wrinkle isn't too noticable. So if you want to create a festive Christmas manicure within seconds, this is a good option! :D

-Milan and VanailyY


  1. those water decals look so cute! ;)

  2. Trincess: haha yea that penguin's face makes me laugh. :D

  3. love the red and white with the decals, they really pop!