Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Essie:Van D'go

Direct Sunlight:
essie van d'go

essie van d'go swatch

essie van dgo review

This is a cute color, but it’s a streaky nightmare. Well the first time I wore it was a streaky goopey nightmare. Of course I threw in a couple drops of thinner, it left me no choice!

First time I wore this a year ago; I had such a bubble feast! On top of that I had major sheet marks the next day. All I was left with was feelings of remorse, sorrow and resentment. A year later, I guess it’s not too bad, after a couple drops of thinner. I like the color, but it’s still streaky. I went with 3 coats. Ehhh... I guess no one is staring at my nails that hard to notice... *roll eyes* lol

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  1. Hahahahaa, that doesn't sounds like a polish I would buy =P. But it looks great! Another pink from you I love =P.