Thursday, December 30, 2010

American Apparel: Mouse

Direct Sunlight:
American Apparel: Mouse

American Apparel Mouse swatch

aa mouse swatch

Sorry about the awkward position of the bottle in the sunlight photo. A bee flew pass my ear and it startled me. :( (I took these pictures months ago when there wasn't snow).

This colour is interesting...I thought this colour would make my hands look dead, but it actually looks cute in an elegant sort of way. It's nice and subtle.

I definitely recommend using top coat with this polish because it is a bit on the streaky side. Nothing top coat can’t fix though!

Nothing out of the ordinary as for the application and drying time goes. The brush is a tad flimsy but it’s still pretty decent. I’m wearing 2 coats and top coat in these pictures.

Canadian Retail Price: $7.50 each or 3 for $18

You can purchase this in-store or go to the American Apparel website and buy here

american apparel nail polish colors


  1. I love the color!
    But your nails are so cool what do you do for that???


  2. I really like that color! It really is mouse-colored, too.

  3. No need to apologize for the nail polish bottle. You have great pics and gorgeous nails! You make all colors look lovely.

  4. Omg I LOVEEEE THIS ONEE!! I have a color like this from Catrice (a very cheap brand though).

  5. CS1993: Thanks! I'm not quite sure if I understand your question, but I just grew my nails out and filed them square-ish in these pictures. Sorry if that doesn't answer your question. :(

    Ash-Lilly & Billi & you nailed it!: Thanks! :D

    Zara: Thanks! Yeah, I imagine a cute little cartoon mouse would be the same colour. ^__^

    Eileen: Aw shucks, thanks! :)

    luckiebeauty: I couldn't agree with you more!

    Ning: Hehe, thanks! Yeah, I wear this colour quite often. Ahhh, we can't get Catrice in Canada. They have so many interesting colours :(

  6. Hmmm, actually, Catrice isn't that interesting though =P. But the price (€2,50) in combination with the quality makes it worth to buy it when I see a nice color (that OPI doesn't have hahahaah). They have the 'metallic' bowls in it and the brush is wide, a little bit like OPI's ;D.

    However, their polish is too thick to do two coats (and one coat is not enough). So everytime I want to use Catrice I need thin it up ><.

  7. excellent varnish ,he you much approaches

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