Saturday, November 13, 2010

OPI: Mod About You

Direct Sunlight:
OPI Mod about You swatch

OPI mod about you swatch and review

Indoor take 2:
OPI mod about you

This is cute, looks like candy. It's like a pale cotton candy pink. I think it would be a nice spring color, not so sure about fall. But hey, I make my own rules. haha. I should probably start wearing my fall colors now. I'm trying to think of a good color to wear... but lately I'be been finding it hard to pick what color I feel like wearing.

This is 2 coats, the first coat was pretty streaky, but at the second one it all even out. (Come to think of it, did I go with 3?) ... I think I did, but I was checking the review I did on MUA when I first tried the color a year ago. Apparently back then 2 was enough. lol.



  1. such a sweet pale pink :)
    I've been having the same problem picking colours also!

  2. Pretty pink, it's like with a touch of blue. :)

  3. YAYYY, you're back with OPI ^^! You're right, it's a cute color ;). But I think it's a little too pale for me in this season. Definitely a great color in the summer!

    And I have problems with picking colors too!! Omgosh, maybe it's the weather ><. I don't feel like anything these days, so my nails neither =P. I just wear a boring transparant/very sheer pink/nude (1 coat).. Hahahaha! Shame on me. I think I do OPI I'm Indi-a Mood For Love again tomorrow =D. Maybe it would cheer me up ^^.

  4. I love this color. Its very similar to Revlon's Sheer pink and Color Clubs Vintage Couture. In my opinion, OPI Mod About You, is a bit more purple/lilac. What do you think?