Thursday, November 11, 2010

OPI: Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow

OPI here today aragon tomorrow swatch

OPI here today ara-gon tomorrow

Ugh, why is to so hard to get some sun?! I mean... there isn't ANY. It's usually cloudy or raining these days. Or when there is sun, I'm not home to take pictures. Unless I take the bottle and camera with me and take pictures as I'm going to school.... hahahahaah.

Okay, so whatever I'll make due. Now I brought this color a while back mainly because I was looking for something that was similar to NARS' Zulu. And from what I know, Zulu is a bit... lighter?

I noticed the formula on this was strange, not bad... it was just that with this color when you're applying it the first few coats it looks like it's ashy. (I'm sure people who own this color knows what I mean). Not that the ashy is bad by any means, just not what I'm used to.

I went with 2-3 coats in these pictures for even coverage. It dries to a jelly-like finish. I think it's a good alternative for those who want something similar to Zulu. I'm happy with this one :)



  1. this is a pretty color. it reminds me of zoya envy. I think the suede version of this color is also very pretty

  2. I'm glad I picked this up - it's so pretty (even in the shade).

  3. Shortwidenails: Ohhh yea! It does. I remember seeing Envy at Trade Secrets. At the time it was on sale for 5.99. haha. I notice most of the colors that go on sale with zoya are usually the ugly ones that no one wants.

    Megan Harmeyer: Yea, it's a nice fall color. My dad was convinced the color was brown. HAHAHA. Oh poor daddy is color-blind.

  4. I love that its a jelly :)

    I have the same issue taking pictures also! I work 9-5 and take the TTC to work so by the time I get home, no sun :(

  5. Danielle: Ugh I know! It's so frustrating. Or the days that I have school late, or no classes. There's no sun out.

    Although, when it does come out, you'll see me run outside with my t-shirt taking pictures of my hand in the cold... LOL