Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ciate: Snatch

ciate snatch swatch

ciate snatch swatch

So today I have a polish from a UK brand called Ciate in "Snatch". This color is from their classics line. The color itself I was not too crazy about, I mean... it's just red. After a while, most reds look the same to me. I'm different when it comes to pinks, but with reds... I think I'm cool with owning just 2 - 3 reds. haha! Although I do really like most of the colors from the Festival Fever, Pastel and Pop collection. You can take a look at those here.

As for the formula, I was very pleasantly surprised. The formula was very smooth, in just 1 coat I had such an even coverage with not a streak in sight! I went with 2 coats in these pictures, and no top coat here. The drying time is very good, and I ended up with a jelly-like finish. I'm happy with the quality of this. : )

Oh! So I just checked their website today and I noticed that their having a few promotions going on...

1: 25% discount when you enter the Coupon code CIATE25MC - and it's been extended until November 11th.

2: You can register to with a £200 shopping spree.

Just thought I'd share incase someone was planning to go on a little shopping spree. I should mention that these polish run for about £9, or approx. $14.41USD. So it is on the pricier side. But with the 25% coupon it's work out to be £6.75 or $10.81. Hm... not to bad, around the same price as OPI/essie. lol

Has anyone else tried other colors from this brand?

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  1. I want just for the cuteness of the bottle!

  2. I have a dark red one that came free with a magazine. They are brilliant!

  3. I quite like this! Ciate bottles are so cute, too.

  4. Aahahahaha! I agree with you again when you said: "I'm different when it comes to pinks, but with reds..", LOL! Cuz every pink I see is LOVELY in it's own way and most of the time I just have to have it =P. But reds.. Are just reds =P. It is not really my color. I love reds, but only a particularly kind of red; the bright ones ^^. And sometimes the very dark, kinda bordeaux red ^^.

  5. Kira: Hahaha yea it's cute! Little bow and all.

    Beauty Addict: OOO free? Everything is better when it's free :)

    Zara: Yea, unique for sure. Although it stacks up funny with every other bottle I have, lol.

    Ning: Hahaha! Yeaaa, every pink to me looks different and beautiful. Red, it's like... meh.