Thursday, November 25, 2010

China Glaze: Ruby Pumps

China Glaze Ruby Pumps swatch

Chine Glaze Ruby Pumps

Hand Indoors:
red glitter nail polish

Hand Indoors with Flash:

Gosh, this colour reminds me of Christmas. Almost makes me get that Christmas-y feeling that I can’t really explain. You know, that feeling you get when it’s almost Christmas and all the shopping malls have Christmas decorations and music type of feeling. xD I’m going to make sure I wear this in December haha! Hopefully I can get a sun picture then.

I'm wearing 3 coats with top coat in these pictures. Application was quite easy and drying time is pretty great.

At first I was hesitant to buy this colour because I didn't think a red would look nice on me (my skin has a green undertone so I feel that a lot of colours don't suit me). But I really like this. It's SOOO shiny in's mesmerizing haha. It’s a nice colour for toesies as well, teehee. Fear not, I won’t post a picture of feet.



  1. I can't wait to wear this colour closre to christmas!! the same goes for Emerald sparkle. I had this on my toes for a while also a month or 2 back.

    It looks very nice on th you by the way :)

  2. This is really pretty! I know that Christmas-y feeling you're talking about...I'm starting to notice it too. :)

  3. Danielle: Thanks! :D Sadly, I haven't been able to get my hands on Emerald Sparkle. :(

    Zara: thank you! I can't believe it's almost December..

    Asami: hehe yeah! I think it's one of my favourites :)