Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Beautiful Life: Noir

Direct Sunlight:
A Beautiful Life Noir swatch

abl noir swatch

A Beautiful Life swatches

Finally, a black that is opaque in 2 coats! I'm not sure if you girls remember my past experience with blacks. First ChG's Liquid Leather was a nigthmare, then Sally Hansen's sheer Midnight in NY (both required at least 4 coats). I must of been preaching to the choir. lol!

I'm very happy with this one. The drying time was very decent, and this one is also easy on the nose. (Some polishes really start to make me uncomfortable, i.e the smell of Seche Vite).

Thats it for today. : )
Must continue slaving for my upcoming law test. lol

*This was sent for review



  1. what a nice and glossy black! =)

  2. whoa. it's really black! what top coat do you use?

  3. Trincess: Oh I'm happy. It's mainly because I had such shady luck the first few times with other blacks. But hey, I don't ask for much! I just want polish to be reasonably opaque, and to dry quickly. Time is of the essence! lol

    Lovel Addison: haha it's crazy isn't it. This picture did not have top coat. But when I do use top coat, I just go with OPI's regular top coat. Sometimes even revlon... quick dry... something. I'll make a post on base/top coats I've came along. :)