Monday, November 15, 2010

Barielle: Swizzle Stix

Direct Sunlight:
Barielle Swizzle Stix swatch

Barielle Swizzle Stix

This one is a more sheer than the other Barielle shade I tried out. In these pictures I'm wearing 3 coats. It almost has a bit of a jelly-like finish. The drying time is pretty good, I didn't wait too long between coats.

As for the colors, in the direct sunlight it looks more like a light/bright sky blue, but indoors... it appears more dusty.

I realized, I don't think I mentioned anything about pricing last time I did the first review on Sweet Addiction. You can purchase these online, if you like you can click here to be direct to it.

I should note that as of now they only ship within the U.S. - So for all you girls in the states, they go for $8US, and they have a promotion going on where if you buy 2 colors, you get 1 free. I know they usually that that promotion going on :)

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  1. this is a gorgeous blue! love the dusty quality to it!