Thursday, November 18, 2010

Barielle: Blossom

Direct Sunlight:
Barielle Blossom Swatches

Shades by Barielle Blossom

Barielle Shades Blossom

Barielle Blossom

Ahhh this is so cute. I had my eyes on this color ever since I saw Scrangie's swatch of it, like a year ago. And she's right you know, it reminds me of a kitten nose. On the Barielle website, the color is described as a creamy opaque peach. Also accurate. Makes me giddy. hehe.

This color is extremely opaque. You can get away with just two quick coats.

Awesome. I should get back to work now, in 1 hour Vampire Diaries will be playing :D!! Does anyone else watch it?

Edit: Ugh, I'm so angry. It was 7.55 I run downstairs to watch my show, and what happens? I get a repeat. Total Bull.

Just sayin'

*This was sent for review


  1. This is so beautiful...definitely on my wishlist.
    For some reason, I really like peach.

  2. i was disappointed that vampire diaries was a repeat too! it's just getting so good.... *damon* i love that he has a soft spot for elena...but i love stefan too. and jeremy & bonnie? that's cute.

    love this colour! really hoping the ulta i go to when i go cross-border shopping has these the next time i go! i have slate of affairs (found at winners!) and absolutely love it...need some more!

  3. ChaosButterfly: Yea, this color is so cute. Peaches are usually flattering :)

    Jessica D: AHH I know! </3 Broke my heart, when I realized it was a repeat! I'm totally crazy about damon. lol.

    I also like katherine, something about her. haha!

    & Oh yea I've seen them at winners too! Usually have to dig for it. lol

  4. This is one of the few non-blue/purple/green colour I have in my wishlist, I can't even explain why I like it :D