Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Essie: Sew Psyched

Direct Sunlight:
Essie Sew Psyched

essie sew pysched swatch

essie sew psyched review

This is a nice neutral color, with subtle shimmer to it. The reason why I brought this color was because it kind of reminded me of Chanel’s Khaki Vert. Close enough for me, haha! I don’t like to spend 30 dollars on a polish bottle if I don’t have to. I came to the realization that I have too many colors, and most of them I probably won’t wear more than once. But I could be saying this because I’m sane at the current moment and too stressed out about everything else to worry about added more colors to my collection. But of course the moment I have too much spare time on my hands, I’d go crazy with shopping. LOL!

Okay back to the polish. I did 3 coats in these pictures. The formula was pretty standard for Essie, I didn’t really notice anything different. The only problem I have with this color is that it almost looks dull sometimes. I mean, it’s a nice color yet it looks worn out at times. I think it might have to do with the greyish tint, or maybe it’s the shimmer? Has anyone else experience the same feeling with this?


Thursday, November 25, 2010

China Glaze: Ruby Pumps

China Glaze Ruby Pumps swatch

Chine Glaze Ruby Pumps

Hand Indoors:
red glitter nail polish

Hand Indoors with Flash:

Gosh, this colour reminds me of Christmas. Almost makes me get that Christmas-y feeling that I can’t really explain. You know, that feeling you get when it’s almost Christmas and all the shopping malls have Christmas decorations and music type of feeling. xD I’m going to make sure I wear this in December haha! Hopefully I can get a sun picture then.

I'm wearing 3 coats with top coat in these pictures. Application was quite easy and drying time is pretty great.

At first I was hesitant to buy this colour because I didn't think a red would look nice on me (my skin has a green undertone so I feel that a lot of colours don't suit me). But I really like this. It's SOOO shiny in sun...it's mesmerizing haha. It’s a nice colour for toesies as well, teehee. Fear not, I won’t post a picture of feet.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

China Glaze: Heli-yum

China Glaze Heli-Yum swatch

CG Heli-Yum Up and Away Collection

Would of been nice if I had an sunlight pic for this one. I've been wanting this color for a while, and I'm glad I finally brought it. This color came out a while ago with the Up & Away collection. (Still my favorite collection).

This color is extremely opaque, you can get away with just 1 coat! I did two anyways. I would describe this color as a raspberry jelly, looks pretty delicious. hehe.

Well thats it for today, gotta go study for my final! Once finals are over, I promise I will do some awesome nail art! I have a few ideas in my head already, but if theirs any theme, or ideas you girls want to throw at me, go ahead :D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Barielle: Blossom

Direct Sunlight:
Barielle Blossom Swatches

Shades by Barielle Blossom

Barielle Shades Blossom

Barielle Blossom

Ahhh this is so cute. I had my eyes on this color ever since I saw Scrangie's swatch of it, like a year ago. And she's right you know, it reminds me of a kitten nose. On the Barielle website, the color is described as a creamy opaque peach. Also accurate. Makes me giddy. hehe.

This color is extremely opaque. You can get away with just two quick coats.

Awesome. I should get back to work now, in 1 hour Vampire Diaries will be playing :D!! Does anyone else watch it?

Edit: Ugh, I'm so angry. It was 7.55 I run downstairs to watch my show, and what happens? I get a repeat. Total Bull.

Just sayin'

*This was sent for review

Monday, November 15, 2010

Barielle: Swizzle Stix

Direct Sunlight:
Barielle Swizzle Stix swatch

Barielle Swizzle Stix

This one is a more sheer than the other Barielle shade I tried out. In these pictures I'm wearing 3 coats. It almost has a bit of a jelly-like finish. The drying time is pretty good, I didn't wait too long between coats.

As for the colors, in the direct sunlight it looks more like a light/bright sky blue, but indoors... it appears more dusty.

I realized, I don't think I mentioned anything about pricing last time I did the first review on Sweet Addiction. You can purchase these online, if you like you can click here to be direct to it.

I should note that as of now they only ship within the U.S. - So for all you girls in the states, they go for $8US, and they have a promotion going on where if you buy 2 colors, you get 1 free. I know they usually that that promotion going on :)

*This was sent for review

Saturday, November 13, 2010

OPI: Mod About You

Direct Sunlight:
OPI Mod about You swatch

OPI mod about you swatch and review

Indoor take 2:
OPI mod about you

This is cute, looks like candy. It's like a pale cotton candy pink. I think it would be a nice spring color, not so sure about fall. But hey, I make my own rules. haha. I should probably start wearing my fall colors now. I'm trying to think of a good color to wear... but lately I'be been finding it hard to pick what color I feel like wearing.

This is 2 coats, the first coat was pretty streaky, but at the second one it all even out. (Come to think of it, did I go with 3?) ... I think I did, but I was checking the review I did on MUA when I first tried the color a year ago. Apparently back then 2 was enough. lol.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

OPI: Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow

OPI here today aragon tomorrow swatch

OPI here today ara-gon tomorrow

Ugh, why is to so hard to get some sun?! I mean... there isn't ANY. It's usually cloudy or raining these days. Or when there is sun, I'm not home to take pictures. Unless I take the bottle and camera with me and take pictures as I'm going to school.... hahahahaah.

Okay, so whatever I'll make due. Now I brought this color a while back mainly because I was looking for something that was similar to NARS' Zulu. And from what I know, Zulu is a bit... lighter?

I noticed the formula on this was strange, not bad... it was just that with this color when you're applying it the first few coats it looks like it's ashy. (I'm sure people who own this color knows what I mean). Not that the ashy is bad by any means, just not what I'm used to.

I went with 2-3 coats in these pictures for even coverage. It dries to a jelly-like finish. I think it's a good alternative for those who want something similar to Zulu. I'm happy with this one :)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ciate: Snatch

ciate snatch swatch

ciate snatch swatch

So today I have a polish from a UK brand called Ciate in "Snatch". This color is from their classics line. The color itself I was not too crazy about, I mean... it's just red. After a while, most reds look the same to me. I'm different when it comes to pinks, but with reds... I think I'm cool with owning just 2 - 3 reds. haha! Although I do really like most of the colors from the Festival Fever, Pastel and Pop collection. You can take a look at those here.

As for the formula, I was very pleasantly surprised. The formula was very smooth, in just 1 coat I had such an even coverage with not a streak in sight! I went with 2 coats in these pictures, and no top coat here. The drying time is very good, and I ended up with a jelly-like finish. I'm happy with the quality of this. : )

Oh! So I just checked their website today and I noticed that their having a few promotions going on...

1: 25% discount when you enter the Coupon code CIATE25MC - and it's been extended until November 11th.

2: You can register to with a £200 shopping spree.

Just thought I'd share incase someone was planning to go on a little shopping spree. I should mention that these polish run for about £9, or approx. $14.41USD. So it is on the pricier side. But with the 25% coupon it's work out to be £6.75 or $10.81. Hm... not to bad, around the same price as OPI/essie. lol

Has anyone else tried other colors from this brand?

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Beautiful Life: Noir

Direct Sunlight:
A Beautiful Life Noir swatch

abl noir swatch

A Beautiful Life swatches

Finally, a black that is opaque in 2 coats! I'm not sure if you girls remember my past experience with blacks. First ChG's Liquid Leather was a nigthmare, then Sally Hansen's sheer Midnight in NY (both required at least 4 coats). I must of been preaching to the choir. lol!

I'm very happy with this one. The drying time was very decent, and this one is also easy on the nose. (Some polishes really start to make me uncomfortable, i.e the smell of Seche Vite).

Thats it for today. : )
Must continue slaving for my upcoming law test. lol

*This was sent for review