Friday, October 8, 2010

Piggy Polish: Schooner or Later

Direct Sunlight:
Piggy Polish Schooner or Later

Schooner or Later swatch

Piggy Polish swatches

Piggy Polish Schooner or Later swatch

Natural Light:
Schooner or Later Piggy Polish


I’m feeling pretty good now, the first half of my midterms will be completed as of 1pm. So I decided what better way to celebrate than to share this color with you. Yes, it’s pink... but this color is just so damn awesome. Like it was love at first sight! It was Monday evening, I got home from school around 7pm and as I was walking into the house my mom points out that a box came in the mail. So I look down, and I was like... woah that’s a big box. Of course being as excited as I was I grabbed an exacto knife out of my bag and started to go at the box to rip it open.

Being the boring person that I am, of course this pink was the one that stood out the most to me. Lol, I swear, I feel like I’m the only blogger who gets worked up over pink!! This color is so me. Haha. I was on MSN talking to my sister Milan and I was like “You will not F-ing believe, this color is so me! Once you see it this weekend you’re going to be like shit son, it’s so you.” Hahaha. Yea M and I sometimes like to talk gangster to each other for kicks. Does anyone else do that? LOL

This is 3 coats, and it dries semi-matte so I do recommend topcoat. The color run along the lines of Eyeko’s Punk Polish. It does have that vibrancy to it, but it’s not so much neon. But I think it has a little, by the way it dried.

Last note I’ll leave you with, the polish lasted over 1 week without any chips or tip wear. (I usually never mention this part because I used to wear my colors for 3 days, or I would post my review the moment I wore it.) But yea! 1 whole week, I used OPI’s top coat in case you were wondering : )

We also like to thank Julie for being so generous as to sending these polishes out to us! We have more swatches coming up :D

For all of you who haven’t heard of Piggy Polish, they were designed to go on toes. Well, no one says you can’t put it on your hands ;) You can check out the rest of the colors here. They run for $9 US each, and I believe you can find them at Ulta for those girls in the US. Btw, this color on the site seems to be listed under the orange category. I’m not too sure why though. Lol

*This was sent for review



  1. That is an awesome pink! I've seen this brand at Ulta, but I don't have any yet...this is tempting, though. :)

  2. oooomg loooove the colourrr!!! i love ur nails too!! are they naturally like that?! or do u have gel nails?? if they're natural THEY'RE AMAZING, teach me hoooow hahaha :) love ur blog

  3. Zara: haha it is!

    Truly Mango: they are are real nails XD, Perhaps I should do a post on my routine. because a long time ago, it didnt quite look like this. lol

    Shiny!: :D!! I loveee it. So girly

  4. WAAAHH, I LOVE THIS ONE TOO!! And it is sooo meee tooo =P. If I was a blogger than you weren't the only one anymore who is crazy about the pinks ;).

  5. Ning: hahahah I know, we would go nuts over pinks! LOLLL! While everyone else is thinking "this color is so done before - what else is new."

    You just gotta admit, they are just so flattering on :D

  6. Yeahhh, you are totally right, hahahaha!!