Sunday, October 31, 2010

Essie: Pink Parka

Essie Pink Parka swatch

Essie Pink Parka

Err, where has the sun been these days?! I can't take sunlight pictures without sun! :(

I'm quite happy with this color. I've actually been looking around for it for some time, and I ended up finding it at this vietnamese nail distributor. In these pictures I'm wearing 3 coats I believe. I'm pretty sure it's 3. My memory fails me. lol. But yea, the drying time is awesome, as with most neon polishes. They dry instantly. Then you put top coat and "poof" you're done.

In terms of the color, I think it's a fun color. I orginally decided to wear it during exam time to lighten up the mood. Everytime my mom sees a neon polish she doesn't like it, and kind of laughs at me because she thinks it's ghetto. hahaha. But it sure does capture people's attention though. A few guys commented on how bright my nails were. lol!

In case any of you girls were wondering how it compares to ChG's Shocking Pink. I like Pink Parka a lot more. Something about Shocking Pink is too... shocking. If you get what I'm saying. Pink Parka is slightly more toned down, and has more of a blue tone to it than SP. Although in the bottles, they kind of look the same. I will compare the two one day if anyone interested. :)



  1. looks immensely bright and beautiful! =D

  2. It looks beautiful!!

    And yeah, neon nails are a little ghetto. But oh well, some ghetto things happen to be fun. *shrug*

  3. Trincess: Yea, neons are crazy in dim lightings... all you see are your glowing nails. LOL!

    ChaosButterfly: I think neon is cute and fun : )

  4. This is a really cute pink! I'd love to see a comparison.

  5. Zara: Yea, come to think of it - I have quite a few neons. I'll just swatch them all :)

  6. Hahahaha, I think this color is too bright, even for me =P. And I usually love pinks ^^. But I think I would love it for the summer!