Thursday, September 16, 2010

NARS: Zizi

Direct Sunlight:
NARS zizi swatch

nars vintage collection swatches

nars vintage collection zizi
This is also part of the Nars’ limited edition Vintage collection!

I’m wearing two coats in these pictures. This polish dries very quickly! For some reason my camera could not capture how the glitter really sparkles. The glitter is more golden and orange indoors; outdoors it is more gold and silver.

This would probably be best layered over another colour, but I don’t mind it as is. But just for kicks...

Indoor with French tips:

Now this is my kind of French manicure! I don't like doing french manicures with OPI's Bubble Bath, it doesn't suit me for some reason. I like this much more. Hehe, just thought I would add this for people who don’t like VNLs.

*This was sent for review


P.S. I’m probably your go-to girl for glitters. Anything shiny has my name written all over it. ^___^


  1. woow I like it

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  2. The glitter in that glows in the outdoor shade!

  3. youknow: Thanks! :D

    Megan: Indeed it does! It makes my eyes happy, haha.

    CelyFrenchie: Thank you!! :D