Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NARS: Tallulah

Direct Sunlight:


NARS Tallulah swatch
NARS Tallulah

Last part from the NARS Vintage collection!

Oh wow, a purple jelly! I would describe this as a high shine, deep royal purple. I didn’t have any application troubles. Although 1 thing I noticed was that you can’t really get away with just 2 coats because it needs the third coat for full/even coverage. At two coats you can kind of see lighter areas.

Overall it's a nice color. It's different than most of the purples I own. Probably because I don't have any purple jellies. haha, I think that's what I like about it. The fact that it's a dark jelly. They all seem to have that je ne sais quoi. Might be just me. lol

Oh OH! I almost forgot to post this. This collection here, is just really to die for.

From L-R: Mash, Midnight Express, King Kong, Zulu and Full Metal Jacket

This collection will be available on the NARS website in October. The moment it's available we'll place a reminder :)


  1. love the purple jelly :) purple isn't my fave colour but almost every shade goes so well with my skin tone

  2. Shiny: hehe thanks :D

    Danielle: Really? I love purples! Yea usually all colors go well with my skin tone. I think it's because I'm a neutral color? If it doesn't go well with me it's an ugly color to begin with! LOL

    Ning: hehe, must be the jelly-like quality!