Monday, September 13, 2010

NARS: Hunger

Direct Sunlight:
NARS Hunger swatch

NARS Vintage collection, Hunger

Nars Hunger Limited Edition


Today I have the second color from the NARS Vintage Collection. Oh this is sooo smooth and crème-y. This is very common for these types of colors. They always apply smoothly - have any of you girls notice that with reds?. This color is very flattering, although it’s not awfully unique. I guess a good way to describe this color is tomato red; it only has a slight touch of orange.

I used 2 coats in these pictures. I wonder why they don't have this one in their regular line? It's quite a staple color! LOL! Yea I feel like there's certain colors every girl should have. If I were to list them I guess they would be:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Clear/or something along the lines of bubble bath
  • White, for french manis
  • A vampy color
  • Taupe! Yes, it's quite essential. haha

  • I think that's a good foundation of polishes. From there, I feel everyone should explore! Blues, Greens, etc etc. Although... probably not so appropriate in a office setting. LOL

    *This was sent for review


    1. Ohhwww, I just totally agree with this whole article =D.

      These 'basics' I have too and they suit me the best. And I have explored the blues and the greens etc, but it's just not for casual wearing ^^.

    2. Ning: haha yea, fun colors are for weekends, school, etc.

      Although it would depend on the company you're working for. XD hehe