Monday, September 27, 2010

Claire's: Fabulous/Funky

Direct Sunlight:
claires fabulous funky swatch

Claire's mood polish neon pink

Claire's Fabulous/Funky

This is a true neon, in real life it’s even brighter... very similar to China Glaze’s shocking pink. The gradient on this is very faint, which I don’t mind since it’s already so.... “out there”. I did this is in 3 coats and finished off with top coat.

One thing I really like the mood polishes is that they dry soo quick! You can see it drying. This is also one of the newer colors that Claire's released. I'll be posting up the blue one soon!

*This was sent for review



  1. I picked this one up at the beginning of summer but still have never worn it! I'm slowly getting though my collection of Claire's mood polishes ;)

    I have a question for you, do you know of any beauty supply locations in Toronto that have polish cheaper than Sallys? I'm specifically looking for OPI, China Glaze and Orly (Cosmix collection) I know of the one on Orfus, but please let me know if there are any other you are aware of.

    thanks :)

  2. Danielle: Across Pacific Mall, there is a mall called "splendid china tower" once you enter the mall turn right and there is a store called "wow wow nails" they mainly sell konad materials, but they sell china glaze there for $5 and they usually have a deal in there store like, buy 5 get 1 free. OPI and nubar is $10. (No tax included) Oh! They also take requests on any colours your looking for.

    Pacific mall has a lot of random stores that sell polishes too, but they are only cheaper than retail stores.

    But I'm thinking Orfus is the cheapest by far. LOL. If I come across any other stores I'll send you an email!

  3. Thanks a lot :) I went searching in Pacific Mall a while back but I found the prices were higher. The one on orfus is the best I have found.

    I'm dying to get 2 (i have the dupes for the other ones lol) of the Orly Cosmix, (its literally driving me nuts!) I picked them up when i was in Buffalo at the end of August, but thought that I could get them for cheaper at the beauty supply on Orfus so left them ... stupid me :( I really regret not buying them when i had the chance!

  4. * i forgot to note, the beauty supply on Orfus has not gotten in the Cosmix, and not sure if they will, usually they are limited with Orly polishes... the search continues! onward to the Sally's Beauty in Vaughn :)

  5. Danielle: Oh god, I feel your pain. It happens to me all the time. I'll see a color, think about it and put it back. Then one day I'm nuts about it, and it's sold out everywhere. lol.

    Hmm, I know the one on Orfus usually stocks new collections kind of late. I would say give them a call. Also I would call up all the sally's near by, then just tell them to put the colors on hold.

    Good luck! If I end up seeing it anywhere I'll let you know!