Wednesday, September 22, 2010

China Glaze: Light as Air

Direct Sunlight:
China Glaze Light as Air

China Glaze Up and Away Light as air

Up and Away light as air

China Glaze: Light as Air

Drool. Another soft feminine color! I love these kinds of colors; it has a similar feel to ChG’s Agent Lavender. Now the difference is Agent Lavender has more of a blue tone to it, whereas Light as Air is predominately purple with a slight red undertone.

You could get away with 2 coats with this color, but I went ahead with 3. I had no application troubles, and it was a breeze to apply. I’m very glad I got this color, this is my most favourite collection of all time. I love the whole up & away collection! I’m hoping to find the other colors I want.

I have to admit lately I’ve been China Glaze crazy. I might be all OPI-ed out. Like with the Swiss Collection, it was a very decent collection I liked all the crèmes. But I’m not dying to have them. At least not now anyways, I’m still in a summer mood! Haha. Anyways I can’t wait until the Anchors away collection comes out :D

This collection will be coming out January 2011! What better way to start a new year, than to introduce 12 nautical themed polish. The names are as follows:

___▪ Little Preserver
___▪ Hey Sailor
___▪ Ahoy!
___▪ First Mate
___▪ Starboard
___▪ Lighthouse
___▪ White Cap
___▪ Pelican Gray
___▪ Sea Spray
___▪ Below Deck
___▪ Sunset Sail
___▪ Knotty

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Source: Laquerized



  1. i agree, i'm soooo china glaze crazy! and this polish looks amazing on you, srsly it did not look this good on me, although like you, i loved the entire collection! i can't wait for anchors away!

  2. Yeaaa, I loved this color! A couple of guys actually complimented me on it, haha.

    Me too, everytime I encounter the collection I just need more colors from it.

  3. OPI-ed out?! OHNOOOOO ;(!

    I am still in a 'summermood' too =P, although it hasn't really been very 'summer' here in Holland..

    But I figured out that summer colors really do not match the weather now =S. Not here, that's for sure. The weather is very grey ><. I am wearing 'Elephantastic Pink' right now, but it is weird to wear that color, like something is 'wrong' =P. But I still think 'happy' colors match my skintone more. I love the 'dark' ones, but they don't really seem to match. Or my fingers look huge when I have colors like that on it =S.

  4. Ning: Yea, it's been pretty cold here too!

    Sometimes I pick colors by weather, sometimes by mood. lol XD

  5. Most of the time I pick them my mood.. Haahahaha! =P And that doesn't match the weather these days (A).