Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chanel: Paradoxal (m's first post!)

Direct Sunlight:
Chanel Paradoxal

Chanel purple taupe nail polish

Chanel paradoxal swatch

Chanel purple taupe with shimmer nail polish swatch

Hand (with flash)
Chanel paradoxal shimmer swatch

There it first post and $30 nail polish! I had to have it. Lucky for me I swept up the last bottle they had! SCORE!!! I never have that kind of luck haha. I applied this one as if it were liquid gold. Application and drying time was great. I got this in 2 easy coats. Oh and don't worry, vee will get around to swatching this sometime in the future! I usually work behind-the-scenes but I guess I'll just be popping up here and there (unless you guys want this to be my first and last post *wails*).

To say the shimmer in this nail polish is subtle would be an understatement. You can’t notice the shimmer if you're indoors or in the shade...that would probably be too much of a good thing anyway (I would constantly stare at my hands haha). But when the sun or bright lights hits it just right, it is gorgeous! I plan to only wear this colour on sunny weeks to maximize my happiness! :D

I heard a lot of people have some major chipping issues with this polish. It's been 6 days and I haven't experienced tip-wear, chipping, or cracking yet. I've been cracking chestnuts and peanuts open with my nails too haha. Vee will probably be shaking her head when she reads that. I'm not wearing top coat in these pictures, but I did apply top coat on the third day. On the 7th day I had a bit of tip-wear so I removed it.

All I can say is YIPPEE!! I finally found a purple coloured nail polish that I can wear! Usually purple nail polish makes my hands look dead :(. Well, technically it's a purple-taupe but I love how it goes with my skin. It's such an elegant colour...I'm such a sucker for taupes.

Gahh Paradoxal...I think I kind of love you.


P.S. Just thought I should share this story with you guys. I was at the Chanel counter with my sister looking at nail polish and the sales associate there tried to sell me on Paradoxal. Funny thing is I was already wearing it and my sister mentioned that to her. I think the sales associate thought we were lying or something because her response was "What? Let me see. Noooooo...this colour looks darker than Paradoxal." e____e' I don't like being accused of lying. =/


  1. Hi Milan! Welcome to blogging ^^
    What a good choice for the first post.
    Such a big hype...for such a expensive polish.
    But I'm still one of those people that nod their head, wondering why would you buy it.
    I'll wait until I buy it on sale or something, then I'll understand. >o<
    For 7 euro max I'll buy it for. [/Cheapskate]

  2. It's hilarious that the sales clerk thought you were lying. *sheesh* That's such a gorgeous color! I don't think this should be your last post - I enjoyed this one. :) I can't get over the fact that you wore this for 7 days! I've never been able to do that. Ever!

  3. That's a gorgeous color.

    Too rich for my blood, lol, but absolutely beautiful!

  4. Welcome :) this is one amazing color :)

  5. AnnKiins: Thanks for the warm welcome! :) Yeah, it seems like every Chanel colour that comes out now is all the rage. I would've never thought in a million years I would spend over 12 bucks for nail polish. But I think it's quite worth it, I love the colour and it lasts long!

    Megan: Yeah!! It's not like I go around trying to prove myself to sales associates! Aw shucks, thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed this post :D Yeah, I bet I could've worn it for even longer if I wanted to but I was anxious to try another colour hehe. The durability of this polish makes me feel less heartbroken for spending $30 haha.

    Cupcake: Thank you! Yeah, usually I wouldn't fork up this kind of money for nail polish, but my sister (who's in marketing) and the sales associate were trying to sale me too. It's a lethal combination I tell you haha. But I'm glad I did!

    Just Cake girl: Thanks for the welcome! :D I imagine myself wearing this colour a lot in the fall!

  6. Welcome and I don't want this to be your last post!

    Haha cracking chestnuts and peanuts <3

  7. looks great on you :)

    That sales associate would have really bugged me! I hope you made her know that it was the actual polish you were wearing!

  8. Definately shaking my head, how you didn't break a nail...I don't know.

    For shame milan. lol

    To the sales associate: You just lost yourself a chance on a second sale!

  9. Hey Beautiful! I've just given you an award on my blog! Come check it out :)

  10. reeree: Thank you!! :D Oh phew, I’m glad to hear that! haha yeah, I really use my hands as tools haha.

    Danielle: Hehe, thanks! :) Yeah, what that sales associate said really rubbed my sister and I the wrong way. Oh well, she can think whatever she wants >;(.

    van: “TOOLS NOT JEWELS.” LOL there have been a couple close calls though. >___<

    JuLiAnne: OoOo, thanks a lot! :D

    Ana Sofia: Thank you!!! :D

  11. Hi M! Nice to 'meet' you too ;). Hahaaha! First of all: I LOVEE the layout of this blog and I love the new logo even more ^^. Good job =D!

    Second.. I don't kow why but this color is just not for me ;(.

    Third; you are doing great too with swatches! I hope you make more in the future ^^.

  12. Ning: Hehe hello! Thank you so much!! :D Yeah, vee wasn't a huge fan of the first banner *shakes fist* so I made a new one (though I might say, I like how this one turned out a lot more)!

    Aw, that's too bad :(. I’m sure there are a lot of colours out there that look stunning on you though! ;D

    Thanks!! I'm really glad to hear that! :D Hehe, will try!