Thursday, September 30, 2010

KOTD:For Audrey & M75

Direct Sunlight:
konad plate m75

konad plate m75
In today's mani, I used China Glaze For Audrey, and the konad image plate from M75 and I used the bigger bow from M3. For the ring finger I topped it off with China Glaze's Fairy Dust. (Okay confession, I MAY of messed up while trying to get the image on straight, being lazy I removed the konad image with remove and re-stamped, LOL)

I should warn you, I think images where you need to line them horizontally on your nails are the hardest to line up perfectly. I would recommend you just go diagonally. Or just practise stamping it on your existing mani (That you are going to remove in a few minutes.) Use a cheaper polish while your practising, save the special polish for the real mani!

You can find these konad supplies online at OC Nail Art. And good news, incase you haven't heard... we do have a coupon code available to you. It's "mvee" and what it does, is that when you spend over 30 dollars before taxes/discounts you recieve a free image plate of your choice.

We also like to make a note that we do not recieve any commission of the sort for this. It's just there if any of you girls want to use it!

: )


*Some of the products were set for review from OC Nail

Monday, September 27, 2010

Claire's: Fabulous/Funky

Direct Sunlight:
claires fabulous funky swatch

Claire's mood polish neon pink

Claire's Fabulous/Funky

This is a true neon, in real life it’s even brighter... very similar to China Glaze’s shocking pink. The gradient on this is very faint, which I don’t mind since it’s already so.... “out there”. I did this is in 3 coats and finished off with top coat.

One thing I really like the mood polishes is that they dry soo quick! You can see it drying. This is also one of the newer colors that Claire's released. I'll be posting up the blue one soon!

*This was sent for review


Friday, September 24, 2010

Nicole by OPI Press Release

Try the season's hottest new trend from Nicole by OPI -- matte nails! This edgy look is the perfect complement to the year’s hottest fashions. Get the look that was seen on all of the runways, with Nicole by OPI’s Matte Nail Lacquers!

The new Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer Matte shades are:

Razzle Dazzle-Matte
Dazzle ’em with this deep, daring matte black!

Positive Energy-Matte
A matte silver chrome that’s fully charged!

Virtuous Violet-Matte

Purple haze meets dawn’s early matte light.

Respect the World-Matte
A rich jade green that’s totally not jaded.

No Limits-Matte
Rich black that knows no bounds

Stolen Kisses-Matte

Pucker-up, pink-kissed red.

Yellow It’s Me-Matte
And I’m loving this glimmery yellow.

Why not try a French manicure using both the matte and the regular (shiny) lacquer?! To maintain the matte finish, avoid using top coat, drying drops and hand lotion. Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquers do not contain DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde.

Now available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores nationwide for $10.49 MSRP!

Update on Fall Vintage Collection!

From L-R: Mash, Midnight Express, King Kong, Zulu and Full Metal Jacket

So just an update, the collection will be available online at starting October 1st. They go for $16 US on the site. Also for the Canadian girls, who prefer not to buy them online they are available at Holt Renfrew for $21CAD.

NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection
Introducing the Vintage Nail Polish Collection, back in stores for a limited time! The five shades, inspired by classic cinema are amped with NARS' signature longwearing formula:

Midnight Express: a deep navy, inspired by the 70's era film about an inmate's opportunity to escape.

Zulu: a forest green, inspired by the British war film staring Michael Caine.

King Kong: a copper brown infused with gold, inspired by the classic film about the infamous ape who becomes smitten with beauty.

MASH: an army green infused with gold, inspired by the famed comedy about the Korean War field hospital using humor to keep their sanity in the face of war.

Full Metal Jacket:
a gunmetal grey, inspired by the epic Stanley Kubrick directed Vietnam War film.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

China Glaze: Light as Air

Direct Sunlight:
China Glaze Light as Air

China Glaze Up and Away Light as air

Up and Away light as air

China Glaze: Light as Air

Drool. Another soft feminine color! I love these kinds of colors; it has a similar feel to ChG’s Agent Lavender. Now the difference is Agent Lavender has more of a blue tone to it, whereas Light as Air is predominately purple with a slight red undertone.

You could get away with 2 coats with this color, but I went ahead with 3. I had no application troubles, and it was a breeze to apply. I’m very glad I got this color, this is my most favourite collection of all time. I love the whole up & away collection! I’m hoping to find the other colors I want.

I have to admit lately I’ve been China Glaze crazy. I might be all OPI-ed out. Like with the Swiss Collection, it was a very decent collection I liked all the crèmes. But I’m not dying to have them. At least not now anyways, I’m still in a summer mood! Haha. Anyways I can’t wait until the Anchors away collection comes out :D

This collection will be coming out January 2011! What better way to start a new year, than to introduce 12 nautical themed polish. The names are as follows:

___▪ Little Preserver
___▪ Hey Sailor
___▪ Ahoy!
___▪ First Mate
___▪ Starboard
___▪ Lighthouse
___▪ White Cap
___▪ Pelican Gray
___▪ Sea Spray
___▪ Below Deck
___▪ Sunset Sail
___▪ Knotty

You can also click on the picture to enlarge.
Source: Laquerized


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NARS: Tallulah

Direct Sunlight:


NARS Tallulah swatch
NARS Tallulah

Last part from the NARS Vintage collection!

Oh wow, a purple jelly! I would describe this as a high shine, deep royal purple. I didn’t have any application troubles. Although 1 thing I noticed was that you can’t really get away with just 2 coats because it needs the third coat for full/even coverage. At two coats you can kind of see lighter areas.

Overall it's a nice color. It's different than most of the purples I own. Probably because I don't have any purple jellies. haha, I think that's what I like about it. The fact that it's a dark jelly. They all seem to have that je ne sais quoi. Might be just me. lol

Oh OH! I almost forgot to post this. This collection here, is just really to die for.

From L-R: Mash, Midnight Express, King Kong, Zulu and Full Metal Jacket

This collection will be available on the NARS website in October. The moment it's available we'll place a reminder :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

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Suggestions for future giveaways is always welcome! Just comment below and we will take your suggestions for consideration.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Okay! We have concluded our winner!

*drum roll*


Congrats! Please check your inbox and reply back asap :)

As for everyone else, no worries we are hoping to host another giveaway before the new year. So from now we are willing to take any suggestions on products you would like to win. Also if you're into the crochet animals, you can also make suggestion :)

Thanks again for joining our giveaway!

-Milan and Vanaily

Saturday, September 18, 2010

NARS: Cha Cha Cha & Update on Giveaway!

Direct Sunlight:
NARS cha cha cha swatch

nars vintage collection swatches

nars vintage collection cha cha cha

This is another color from the NARS Vintage collection. It is meant to be worn sheer. But it’s definitely buildable. I wore 3 coats in these pictures. The application was great. Now this one is not the type of color I would usually wear. But last time when I applied Blue Lagoon over a blue crème, I fell in love. But now it’s time to see what is left in the sea...LOL. So this time I tried it over an orange crème, and this is what happened:

Direct Sunlight:




The love is recreated! Muahahah! Excellent...

Lol, don’t mind me. Okay, so over here, I did a few coats of OPI’s In My Back Pocket with 1 layer of Cha Cha Cha. (Oh weird, both the base colors I used were from OPI’s Paige Collection lol.) I must say... I am a genius no? Haha! I love the extra dimension this adds to my regular crèmes. It’s a perfect way to spice up some of your crèmes. I will definitely try this with other colors. I’m thinking it would be great over pinks too >:D.

*This was sent for review


Just a quick note to let you girls the giveaway has now ended, and Milan and I are compiling all the entries. Winner will be announced soon!

We will announce the winner here, and notify you via email & Twitter(if applicable). You will have 2 weeks to reply back to us before we pick a new winner. So make sure you keep an eye out! :D

We're hoping to pick one before Monday :)


Thursday, September 16, 2010

NARS: Zizi

Direct Sunlight:
NARS zizi swatch

nars vintage collection swatches

nars vintage collection zizi
This is also part of the Nars’ limited edition Vintage collection!

I’m wearing two coats in these pictures. This polish dries very quickly! For some reason my camera could not capture how the glitter really sparkles. The glitter is more golden and orange indoors; outdoors it is more gold and silver.

This would probably be best layered over another colour, but I don’t mind it as is. But just for kicks...

Indoor with French tips:

Now this is my kind of French manicure! I don't like doing french manicures with OPI's Bubble Bath, it doesn't suit me for some reason. I like this much more. Hehe, just thought I would add this for people who don’t like VNLs.

*This was sent for review


P.S. I’m probably your go-to girl for glitters. Anything shiny has my name written all over it. ^___^

Monday, September 13, 2010

NARS: Hunger

Direct Sunlight:
NARS Hunger swatch

NARS Vintage collection, Hunger

Nars Hunger Limited Edition


Today I have the second color from the NARS Vintage Collection. Oh this is sooo smooth and crème-y. This is very common for these types of colors. They always apply smoothly - have any of you girls notice that with reds?. This color is very flattering, although it’s not awfully unique. I guess a good way to describe this color is tomato red; it only has a slight touch of orange.

I used 2 coats in these pictures. I wonder why they don't have this one in their regular line? It's quite a staple color! LOL! Yea I feel like there's certain colors every girl should have. If I were to list them I guess they would be:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Clear/or something along the lines of bubble bath
  • White, for french manis
  • A vampy color
  • Taupe! Yes, it's quite essential. haha

  • I think that's a good foundation of polishes. From there, I feel everyone should explore! Blues, Greens, etc etc. Although... probably not so appropriate in a office setting. LOL

    *This was sent for review

    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    NARS: Blue Lagoon

    Direct Sunlight:
    NARS Blue Lagoon

    NARS Blue Lagoon swatch

    NARS Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon is actually a re-release and it’s now part of NARS Vintage collection, and is available for a limited time only. This is a sheer iridescent blue. I went with 4 coats with this one. The drying time was great and the application was super easy. I was scared that I would have trouble holding the square cap, but it turns out it doesn’t affect the application. The color by itself is quite pretty... it kind of glows doesn’t it? LOL

    Blue Lagoon over No Room for the Blues.

    Direct Sunlight:

    Nars Vintage collection, OPI No Room for the Blues



    Okay, wow! Hot damn, it’s so beautiful. *wipes tears.* I definitely recommend this for layering! So over here I did 2 coats of OPI’s No Room for the Blues, and layered it with 1 coat of Blue Lagoon. AHhhh, it has that subtle shimmer-like quality that I love about Chanel polishes. DOES IT NOT?!

    Btw, don’t mind my thumb, I have this strange tendency to like to swatch 4 fingers first before doing a full on mani/pedi. Sometimes I’d finish everything to come to the realization that I don’t feel like wearing it. Haha. I don’t like to waste. But okay, I had to wear this. And this is coming from a die-hard crème lover. But hey, I do really love subtle shimmer. :)

    Oh I almost forgot, NARS will be shipping to Canada starting October. :) Isn’t that great news? Since I haven’t seen this collection yet here in stores.

    Nars Vintage Collection, Bottle Pictures:

    *These were sent for review


    Coupon Code for OC Nail Art!

    Good new girls! Kathleen from OC Nail Art has been kind enough to offer to make a coupon code for us to give to you girls :D

    For those of you who haven’t heard of OC Nail Art, OC Nail Art is a family-owned company. They offer a wide range of Konad products, and of course they are an authorized Konad retailer.

    They have very reasonable prices on their site, they offer the image disk for $6.99US, the special polishes range from 6.99 – 7.99, and even the double sided stamper is 6.99. :D Now I’m not sure how much Konad usually is in the US. But here in Toronto, the image plates are 12 dollars, and the double sided scraper is 20. Lol.

    Our coupon code is: mvee

    Now when you put this code in, for order of $30 (before the discount is applied), you can choose any image plate of your choice free! The “mvee” coupon code will reverse the charge of one disk ($6.99).

    Shipping is free on orders over $20 to US and Canada, free on orders over $40 everywhere else.

    You can go directly to the store here:

    Hope you girls like it!


    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    OCC's New Colors!

    Woah! OkI was lingering around on the web and I saw new colors from the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics line. I just had to share because Rx and Perpetual is soo nice!

    Clearly I love cremes, and I loveeee blues. lol. For thoses of you who are interested you can check it on their website. They sell for $8US.

    I also went and look and it looks like there are 4 new color. I just cropped out the colors on paint. haha. How do you girls feel about these? Yes? no?

    Why does everyone need to make tempting colors, trying to make me broke!


    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Icing: Paparazzi

    Direct Sunlight:
    Icing Paparazzi swatch

    Icing Paparazzi swatch

    Icing Paparazzi swatch

    For all you glitter lovers.

    This is quite pretty in sunlight; it's really hard for me to tell because I'm always favourable towards crèmes, and by nature I don't like glitter or noticeable shimmer. But you know me... I'm a diehard crème lover. haha!

    This over here is 3 coats with no top coat. (Although, I think I accidently did the index finger with a thicker coat.) I think if you go with thinner coats, you should go for the 4th coat. Also I highly recommend using top coat. It will look nicer that way!

    *This was sent for review

    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Skin Care Routine:

    I decided to make a post on the skin care products I use daily. I figured it's appropriate on this blog because who doesn't want clear skin? A lot of people (both men and woman) have asked me what skincare products I use. So I decided to share with my lovely readers!

    Now I'm very very picky with skincare products I use. I tend to stick to the same brands I know works for me, and I never experiment with different skincare lines. I think that once you have found something that works for you, you should stick to it. Same goes for foundation. If it works, why change it?

    Most of the products I will show today comes from Shiseido. I've been using Shiseido for around 6 years now. Although the products have not been the same within those 6 years. When I was younger I used a different line called Pureness. But yea lets get on to the products and I'll continue yapping at the end, haha.

    Make Up Remover:

    Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser. This is my favorite cleanser recommended by my dermatologist. It's a mild cleanser for normal to dry skin. I think it's best to remove all make-up before washing your face, so I usually pump some product on to a few q-tips to remove all my eye make up, then I finish off with a cottom ball for the rest of my face. You can find this cleanser at Costco, they sell a litre of it for a very good price. (Somewhere around 10-15 dollars if I recall correctly.)


    Shiseido - Benefiance Creamy Cleansing Foam. $34US. This is my favorite cleanser of all time. It has these small little beads that help exfoliates your face, and removes the rest of your make up. You only need a very small amount to work up a lather. Once you're done your face feels squeeky clean! I'm serious, lol.

    Shiseido - The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam. $30US. This is another one I like to use when I'm not using the Benefiance cleanser. This one is creamy and rich like the other one but it doesn't have the little beads. I like it because in the end you have the same squeeky clean feel to your face. It is very important to cleanse your face daily, because it cleanse and preps your skin for other skincare products. You don't want your pores to get clogged by make up, that's asking for a break out!


    Shiseido - Benefiance Enriched Balancing Softener. $42US. Now this is the step my mom always tell my sister and I to do. (We're a bit lazy when it comes to this one.) My mom says it's important to use toner because it softens the skin and get's it ready to eat some cream. This one smells great. I think the benefiance line is for older ladies, but I do what I want! I like to use anti-wrinkle cream occasionally too. It's never too early to start :D


    Shiseido - The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge - Regular. $42US. This is the Night version, they also offer a daytime version that includes SPF. Now I don't like using the daytime one because it's kind of heavy. It's important that your night cream doesn't have SPF because it's not good for the skin at that time. Now the sales rep might tell you to usea full pump for your face but don't. You only need like half a pump for the whole face. By the time you wake up in the morning your skin should be nice and moisturized. If it feels a bit oily just take a hot towel and wipe down your face.

    Shiseido - The Skincare Eye Revitalizer.$40US. Now this one claims to "Rehydrate the delicate eye area with this advanced formula, featuring vitamin A Palmitate. Recommended for normal and combination skin types, the rejuvenating essential helps to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness." I'm a bit unsure if it does all of that. But my mom brought this for me a while ago, so I use it anyways. It has a cooling feel to it. You use about a drop, and lightly pat it around the whole eye area. This one I find a bit costly for such a small little tube.

    Shiseido - Pureness Matifying Moisturizer Oil-Free.$32US. This is what I use in the day time. I like this one because it's very light weight. Sometimes in the morning, my nose area looks a bit dry so I like to use a little bit of moisturizer. Another thing I like to do is use a q-tip with the moisturizer and clean around my under eye before make up.

    A helpful note: Now I know it gets a bit costly when you add up everything you need. A 30 there, a 50 here, next thing you know you've spend hundreds on preping your skin. Now what I recommend is waiting until Shiseido offers the gift with purchase. I know here in Canada it's spend $42 dollars before tax, and you qualify for the gift. (So in Canadian prices, usually 1 product would qualify for the gift)

    Here is what I got last time:

    These samples I asked for. You can always ask your sales rep if they have any samples in stock to give to you to try out. Especially if you are a regular customer, and depending on your sales lady they might pack on the free samples. lol

    The bag with all the goodies. Most of the time they give you cute little cosmetic bags.

    Lookie look! My favorite cleanser is in there! 30mL of it :D (This sample lasts a long time.) And they also included: Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum, Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer, Benefiance's Revitalizing Emulsion, and Perfect Mascara Defining Volume.

    Last but not least, a tote bag.

    I love Shiseido's gift with purchase. They are probably the only brand that offers gifts that I would actually use. My whole family uses their skincare line, and we always use up our samples too. The only thing we don't use is the free mascara or lipstick which they usually give.

    So thats about everything I use on a daily basis. A good way to remember to moisturize everyday is to place the products near your bed. I do that with cuticle cream too, haha. After my face is done I like to work on my cuticles, not the other way around. I would feel like I'm cross contaminating. LOL