Monday, August 2, 2010

Sailor Stripes

Salior stripes nail art

Nautical Nail art

I’ve been in love in anything nautical theme for years now. After seeing Lacquerized’s post I’ve been wanting to try it out for some time. I thought it was cute but I couldn’t do the design without an opaque black. :(

At home I had a couple of striping brushes and my only black is China Glaze’s Liquid Leather (which is too sheer to create nice lines).

Jenny from Claire’s/Icing was nice enough to give me a couple of nail art products so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test them out :D

The Claire’s Nail Design Pen was nice and fine. I think it would be great for making detailed designs, dotting or even creating outlines before coloring it in with polish because I can go crooked eyed/hand sometimes. LOL.

Claire's Nail art pen
Note: This pen comes out semi-opaque. (This one retails for $8.50US / $9.70CAD)

As for Icing’s Black fine tip brush, it was great! It’s a lot easier to use this than to dip my striping brushes into my regular nail polish bottles because sometimes I don’t grab enough paint and half way down my line it starts to dry out. The color was very opaque, and the brush was nice and long – the lines drew themselves! I definitely recommend this one. Time for me to go buy a white one, hehe.
(Price:$4.50US / $5.00CAD)

Overall, I am quite happy with how this nail design came out! I think I’m going to pat myself on the back and continue to wear it for a few more days :)

What I used:
Essie, Claire's, China Glaze, Icing
______1• Essie: Knockout Pout
______2• Claire’s Nail Design Pen in White
______3• China Glaze: White on White
______4• Icing’s Black Fine Tip Brush

______1• Paint Nails with a base color
______2• Using the nail design pen mark where you want the stripe area to begin and fill it
______3• Fill in the area again using a white polish to create an opaque look
______4• Using a black fine tip brush carefully place 3 lines on top of the white area

Close Up:

Have fun! If you do remake it, comment below and link it! I wanna see!!



  1. Very pretty, I like it! I have been wanting to do something may be the time. :)

  2. Trincess: Thank you! and remaking it on the left hand was quite easy as well. Sometimes I dread doing my right hand. LOL

    Zara: Yes, do it! Then show me! lol

  3. This is sooo cute and well done! I love it ;D.

  4. Thanks girls! :D I'm hoping to get some more nail art done soon!

  5. great design and colors! im now a follower =]

  6. I absolutely LOVE this mani, the colors are perfect!

  7. Veronica: Oh thank you for the follow & compliment!!

    Melacine: Thanks!

    Apple Juice: Oh yea, I loved this color combination. Essie's Knockout Pout is such a great color!