Friday, August 20, 2010

Quick Note for Canadian Girls!

Thought I should share! This weekend at Murale, they are offering secret gift cards valued anywhere from $10 - 25 for purchases valued at $50CAD before taxes. Offer valid August 16 - 22, 2010 only.

I thought this was pretty great because I wanted to buy this Yves Saint Laurent eyeshadow palette today. Usually it costs $72 dollars before tax and lucky for me I got $15 off my purchase. I was one happy sport :). It was so exciting! They had this big vase with a bunch of cards and you just shove your hand right in and pick yourself a lucky card! haha.

If you girls like, I can show you how I usually put my face together one day. I'm actually very good with make-up. LOL!

Murale is located in the following cities: Ottawa, Montréal, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Check here to find store locator.

If any of you girls went this weekend, do comment below! Tell me what you brought, and did anyone get the $25 dollars off? :D

Hope this was informative!


  1. Well I'm not Canadian, but I love me some makeup, so if you ever decide to do a makeup post, I'm all for that :D

  2. Shanna: Aww thanks :) I was a make up junkie long before I got into nail polish. lolol