Saturday, October 23, 2010

Icing: See you at the Metro

Direct Sunlight:
Icing see you at the metro swatch

Icing see you at the metro

I'm india mood for love dupe

Hand Indoors with Flash:

I find this colour is really flattering for my skin tone! It looks a lot like OPI's I'm India Mood for Love in natural lighting, but more purple in fluorescent/artificial lighting.

I think I might like Icing's brushes more than OPI's pro-wide brush. It has about the same thickness but it's it was a bit easier to use. All in all, the application and drying time was great. This was a one-coater! 'Nuff said.

*This was sent for review and the ring was sent to us from Claire’s



  1. Great color! Love it! And it's always good to find another one-coater. :)

  2. That's a great pink! I only have a few Icing polishes because they wear terribly on me (they usually chip before the end of the first day), but their colors are very nice.

  3. AAAAAHH!! I love this pink!! And I love the colour I'm Indi-A Mood For Love too =P.

  4. Ivana: Thanks! This was the first one-coater that I encountered! I think I'll be wearing this colour quite often because I don't have the patience sometimes to do multiple coats haha!

    Zara: Yeah, I really like it! Oh, sorry to hear about that. I don't recall how long this mani lasted; I will maybe update that when I wear this colour again!

    Ning: hehe, YEAH!! I love those 2 pinks!!! ...which is strange 'cause I usually don't really like pinks xD.

    Nail Designs xox: Thank you! :D