Friday, August 27, 2010

How I Keep Track of my Polishes

Cue Cards:
Nail Polish Swatches

Just sharing a quick post before the weekend. I figured this might be a helpful way of keeping track of all the nail polish we own. I was considering those nail wheels before but then I realized it's going to take up too much space, and the cost of those wheels will just add up if I need to swatch every color. So this is my cost effective way of keeping track.

What I do is grab a couple of cue cards, then some scotch tape. I measure the scotch tape so that I can add two columns where I will be swatching my nail polish. (Without the tape the polish will sink into the paper) It's very easy to do! However, I do not write the brand of the polish on my cards since some of the polish names are long lol. I just rely on my excellent memory. LOL!

Does anyone else use this method of have another method of keeping track of their polishes?



  1. That's a great idea. I was contemplating doing the nail wheels, but this one sounds easier and better! Do you separate your cards by color or brand or just as you get them? Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I have a double system going on: I do what you do and swatch the colors on cards, listing brand, whatever particular thing the bottle says and name/number of the polish. This is to keep a record/timeline and back up info about the polishes, in case something happened and I had to find a particular polish again.

    Then I swatch on the nail wheels, writing brand and name (sometimes just initials) on the back.
    This helps me (ok, mostly my friends) chose what color to wear.

    I swear I enjoy doing this whole ritual more than the buying process. ;)

  3. As soon as I get them! I'll only organize by color if I brought a bunch in bulk, then I will go by color, and shade.

    I think if I tried to organize each card by color it'll drive me crazy. Because then I'll have a card full of pinks,and they wont be in order from light to dark. just because we always by more polishes.

    Hopefully this helps!

  4. Flavia: LOL!! I know what you mean. For me it's just as exciting.

    Everytime I come home with my polishes I'd be like "where are my cards, I need to swatch them right away"

    haha... good times.:)

  5. awesome idea! I wish I had thought of this!

  6. Oh I do the exact same thing by I sort them by colors, though mine are smaller cards I can only put one column

  7. I do the same thing :D
    Except a bit more messily.

    On the side-note, your hand-writing is MUCH better than mine.

  8. You're a genius. That's an awesome idea - glad I didn't buy the nail wheels I was considering.

    And I really like your handwriting haha

  9. I bought the nail wheels so I can use it to choose which color I feel like wearing. This is a great idea too!

  10. I just glue nail tips onto popsicle sticks, or toothpicks, or whatever so that I can rearrange the order if needed. I'd like to revamp the way I'm doing it somehow, and make it easier to keep track of, for now I have a bin full of them. Hah. It'll probably be next year before I can really get more organized.

  11. Interesting! I never thought of using cards, I just bought nail wheels and organize them by color families. I haven't figured out a decent way to attach the names to the wheels though.

  12. That's a really great idea! Cheap and easy :).

  13. I DO THIS TOO ;). But you're not surprised, are you? =P

    Besides that, I arrange them by 'color'. Like the pink ones on a card and the blue ones etc. So when I see a cute pink color in the store, I go back home and take that card with me to compare it ^^.

  14. Danielle: Thanks! Yea I enjoy doing this...haha!

    Rebie: I wish I could sort them by color, but then the shades will be all over the place because I Keep updating my collection. :(

    AnnKiins: Thank you!! You should see my school notes, they are much more neat.LOL!

    Serena: :D! It's great isn't it, I like to sit and look at my swatches sometimes.

    Shanna: Yea, I like the idea of the nail wheel because I can somewhat "try it on" before wearing it. But then I don't want to spend all that money on nail wheels!

    Original Wacky: Woah! Looks like you're going to have your hands tied. At least it's fun to organize, or am I the only one who enjoys organizing things.LOL

    Victoria: I think this link will help: I like how they were labelled!

    Shazzii: That's the beauty of it. :D

    Kimberly: Thank you!!

    Ning: Not at all surprised!:) You know, sometimes I just take the cards with me in my purse. hahah!!! Aren't I just so cool...lolol

  15. Hahahahaa! And then when you have nothing to do you just go stare at your cards and be proud of all those beautiful colors you have, hahahaha! LOL =P

  16. That is such a great idea!! I recently bought a lot of polishes (48) off of eBay, and I'm not entirely sure what colors I have and what I don't have. This'll be easier to keep track. Thanks for the tip!