Friday, August 6, 2010

Coming Soon: Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl Collection

The Limited Edition, Gossip Girl Collection:
nicole by opi gossip girl

So something came in the mail this morning :) I will swatching this collection all next week so be on the look out! If you would like to see a particular color first, just comment below and I will try my best to make it a priority color.

This collection will be released mid-August. Each lacquer will be retailed at $10.49CAD. Again it is limited edition so if there is a color you really like, better snatch it up quick! I tend to make this mistake quite often with Chanel, and all I am left is feelings of remorse, sorrow and resentment...LOL, It's a true story :(

"The new Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer shades inspired by Gossip Girl include:

You’re sure to get spotted in this shimmering green.

Too Rich for You
A blue so rich, it’s dripping in jewels.

Scandals, Secrets and Sparkle
This silver sparkler will make headlines.

Party in the Penthouse
A blue so cool, it’s the life of the party."
Source: Nicole by OPI Press Release

Bottle Picture with Flash:
Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl collectionFrom L-R: Too Rich for You, Nicole...Spotted!, Scandals, Secrets and Sparkle, Party in the Penthouse
*These were sent for review



  1. I found this collection at Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday. The display was already half empty so grab it while you can!

  2. I must say, I'm always surprise how quickly things are sold out! lol

  3. That is a marketing trick ;). Like the release of a gameconsole or the newest Bacardi-drink. Like they don't know millions of people would buy that product on the release date.

    They just won't feed the demand of the consumers because if a product is scarce people want it even more. And people would think that this is such a popular thing to have because it is already sold out. But in fact there weren't 'so' many in stock in the first place ^^.

    I don't really like these mindgames though.. But that is the trick of selling things =P. I believe in a product, not in marketing. If your product is good/prefect enough, people want it anyway - you don't need tricks to get rid of your products ;D.

  4. Ning: Now this may shock you, BUT I am a Marketing student! LOL!!!!

    I think it`s a combination of both the product and the marketing that goes behind it. I mean sometimes there is a great product but no one knows about it. Or the other way around, great marketing plan but a shitty product. haha

    I think Chanel does a very good job creating demand for their limited edition products. They have us running around like squirrels for their colors. Sigh.

  5. Hahaha, it doesn't shock me ;). I am a Master Management of Innovation student =P. I did my Bachelor in Business Administration so I had some Marketing/Psychology related courses. In fact I did my Minor in Marketing Psychology, hahaha!

    Looks like we have some more in common (A).

    But I totally agree with you. That is what I wanted to say =P.

  6. Ning: Oh very nice, Masters! I too want to get my MBA some time in the future. I`m not sure if it is the same for you, but do you also need a min. of 2 years of full time work experience when going for your masters?

    I also took a couple of psychology courses, haha!

  7. I am not doing my MBA. In Holland we have a different schoolsystem than in the rest of the world. MBA here does requires 2 years of relevant work too, but not much people are following a programme like that.

    Most people finish their MSc first and if you finished that and you have a relevant and good job AND you have good promote opportunities for a higher level in management (when you are already a manager), than some people might think about doing a MBA Programme =P. But that programme is very expensive, almost unfordable for a regular student my age (24). And it is mostly focused on practical cases and so on, because you are already working. A MSc Programme is mostly focused on science/theory, but we do much practical cases too.

    I am doing my Master of Science in Business Administration for Management of Innovation (MScBA MI) at the RSM Erasmus University.

    Are you familiar with the MScBA Programme? What are you studying and where? ^^

  8. I am slightly familiar with it. I notice some schools do things differently. Like when I was looking into the business programs at universities my choice was to either get a BBA (bach. of business administration) or BComm (Bachelor of Commerce)then there was one school who offered a BAS(Bach. of Administrative studies) and I was is that? LOL

    So I went on and googled it anyways to see how valueable that degree was. And on one forum it says:
    BAS=Mc Donalds

    I saw that and I was like, oh no... that is not good. LOL

    As for MBA in Canada, it's also very expensive; were looking at ~$65,000CAD some places are more, others less.

    Oh and as to my education, I recently graduated with an advanced diploma in Business Administration specializing in Marketing. Now I am going for my BComm, Marketing major. I'm debating if I should minor in anything... but thats going to be more time in school and I want to get out asap!

  9. Wow I really don't know what that all is, hahahaa! We don't have those things. But it sounds good; 'an advanced diploma in Business Administration specializing in Marketing', hahaha ;).

    We have three different kinds of MBA though:
    1. International full-time MBA
    2. Executive MBA
    3. Global Executive ONE MBA

    Don't ask me what that all is hahahaa, but I just looked that up on our website;

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