Monday, August 16, 2010

Claire's: Excited/Bored

Direct "Sunlight":
claire's excited bored swatch

claire's mood

Shade take 2:
claire's mood polish


Indoor (Warm):

Oh this is so cool! I love this.

I love how it changes colors! Usually it looks like a pale peachy pink fading into a salmon color. Usually if I’m hot most of the nail just looks pink, and as my body become more room temperature the tips has this gradient look to it.

I think these mood polishes are best if you have longer nails so you can really see the gradient. I had no application troubles, I used 3 coats and each coat dried up very quickly. I would suggest using a top coat, in these pictures I topped it with some Revlon top coat and I feel doesn’t....shine? LOL

Overall, this is pretty great but I have to admit I like the color best when it's been under cold water just because it's darker :)

*This was sent for review



  1. Cute! I have two of these, Calm/Wild, and Peaceful/Confident I believe they are. And I love how they change! But I consider my nails long, probably the same length as yours, and I wish the gradient was more noticeable.

    They really are fun though =]

  2. I think it is very fun but still easy to wear!
    Your nails and swacthes are gorgeous!

  3. Pretty!! I have the purple/pink one of these - I'm on the hunt for the blue.

  4. Oh this is fun! And it would be much more fun if it would turn into another color =P.

    I agree with you that the dark version is the best ;D.

    Btw, I went to Claire's to find the nailart pens but they don't have that collection in Holland ;(.

  5. Janna: I find that sometimes it's much more noticable and at other times it's very faint. I'm thinking when it's colder out it would be more extreme. lol

    Tasha: I agree! It's fun, I love how it changes colors like I change my mind. haha!

    Megan: Oo I have the blue, but I haven't gotten a chance to try yet, I'm thinking they should be out in stores... good luck with the hunt!

    Ning: LOL! most of these are more stubtle changes, like lime green, green. haha. I'm not sure if it's possible for it to turn a completely different color, that would be something new, hehe.

    Ah you couldn't find the pens? :'( did you ask them if they know if they will have them any time in the future? I hate it when that happens, like I see something I want and I look endlessly for it and never find it </3

  6. I asked it in two different stores in two total different cities. But they didn't have the pens and they didn't knew anything about it ;(.

  7. Ning: Oh no :(
    You say, you live in Holland? I'll try to ask Jenny from Claire's to see if she knows! I'll keep you posted!

  8. Yes I do ^^. And tnQ so much! I'll appreciate that =D.

  9. Ning: I asked for you, and she told me they don't always carry the same items here in North America in Europe. She suggested that you use the store locator on their website and call the locations closest to you and ask to see if they have any similar products.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

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  11. I was wondering if you know of any dupes of the lighter shade. It's so pretty!

    --- Nicole