Monday, August 30, 2010

China Glaze: Refresh Mint

Direct Sunlight:
china glaze refresh mint swatch



This is the first color I brought from China Glaze’s Up & Away collection.

I remember that day quite well... I went to Sally’s and brought this color along with Orly’s Lemonade & Cotton Candy. Clearly I was a moron for not picking up Snowcone instead of Cotton Candy. Wtf was I thinking!?

Anyways back to Refresh Mint. This color is very cute; it’s very stark and obvious. I’m actually on the search for an equivalent in a blue. Revlon’s Minted looks pretty similar to this color if you girls were wondering. (I can try to compare later.)

I did 2 coats in this color. I didn’t have any application problems, although after some time I think this polish thickens up easily.



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  2. that would be great if you did a comparison with Revlon and china glaze. I have both also, never got around to comparing either

  3. That's a great color. I have 1 mint, but I think it's a little more blue than this (it's Loreal Waters Edge).

  4. so cute!
    hey, i sent you an email.maybe you will reply when you have time ?:)

  5. I like it! It looks a little bit darker than mint candy apple frome essie!